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Fine dining: Ducasse sur Seine, French haute cuisine on the river

A top-notch restaurant, sliding silently over the waters of Seine, in a world of see-through… Ducasse sur Seine reigns today on this stretch of the river, between the Eiffel Tower and the Grande Bibliothèque, with the impetuous chef Francis Fauvel leading the way. All electric, no noise, no jolting. And magnificent stoves, superbly arranged. A truly unique floating restaurant, with a crazy charm, freshness and warmth.

The restaurant Ducasse sur Seine.
Perfect for any occasion

On this cruise, the cuisine is excellent and the service is of the highest standard. Ducasse made the right choice by appointing Jean-Jacques Michel, an old Ducassian grouch, as the director of the floor. He takes care of everything, has an answer to anything and pays attention to each customer. Not a bad idea to open this floating restaurant after all. It is ideal for any occasion and perfect for a business meal too, as it is much more surprising than a luxury dining room or a corner at the bistro. And then, when night is slowly embracing Paris, the venue allows you to discover the hectic and unknown life of the banks during nightfall, while sipping on a glass of red.

Alain Ducasse and his team.

Alain Ducasse hits a home run by offering high quality preparations on water, with an incredible menu. And with incredible we mean dishes such as sea bream with beetroot, foie gras and a mouth-watering piece of veal. Fresh lobster and eco farm poultry, roasted in herb butter… we can go on and on and on. And for dessert — carefully selected by pastry chef Louis Taine — chocolate, chocolate and chocolate, with crispy praline (because chocolate is not enough right?).

Bright and clear decoration, white tablecloths, silverware, spaced tables… Ducasse sur Seine has become one of the most beautiful addresses to know in the capital. And from 13 to 17 September, the venue has a special offer, involving some of Paris’ greatest art exhibition. Nothing surprisingly really, because food and art have always mixed so well.

Ducasse sur Seine
19 Port Debilly, 75116 Paris
Fine dining: Ducasse sur Seine, French haute cuisine on the river

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