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Is Ran about to become your new favorite Japanese restaurant?

Earlier this year, rue d’Anjou in the infamous 8th arrondissement of Paris, the good folks from Blackcode and Moma linked up to create RAN, a contemporary Japanese restaurant tinted with shades of French gastronomy. It will make your mouth water faster than you can spell the three letters in its name.

The modern establishment is still young and full of surprises. The first of which is its décor and setting, coupled with a chic and modern sense of design and equanimity. Nothing ever feels cold at RAN, especially this summer, since the restaurant will be presenting its very first summer menu.

For lunch, the €40 bento proposition is available every day of the week. The elegant bento solution features summertime greatness — from yellowtail carpaccio to black cod with miso and sucrine, to seaweed and cucumber salads, to delicious gyozas, teriyaki beef or robata salmon. The French establishment heritage, mixed with chef Shuhei Yamashita’s Japanese flair sure looks like the perfect Japanese spot in Paris. 

To make sure the place looked like the sleek ambition we can find in the kitchen, MOMA and Blackcode reached out to interior architect Tristan Auer. The mind behind the interior design and feel of Parisian landmarks like Les Bains, Astair, or the Hotel de Crillon has brought a modern twist, with pop and neon accents, in a very typical setting.

A part of edginess that really looks like the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail. The barmen know we’re having a hard time in Paris this summer, with one of the biggest heat waves in the country since the early 2000s. So, they have prepared a killer cocktail offering that will satisfy you in both looks, taste and originality. We can for example tell you about the new Orange Roll, a fresh take on tequila and vermouth with a hint of spice. But when it comes to drinks, the main event is called Sea & Ran, an exquisite pairing of Japanese gin and bergamot with a briny touch. Both can be ordered at the bar or directly from your table.

RAN Paris
8 rue d'Anjou

Tawfik Akachar

Senior Writer, Paris

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