Let them eat cake — The Paris-Brest is one of the most coveted French desserts. Not only is it easy on the eye but on the palate too. Topped with roasted almonds and filled with a creamy praline cream that overflows off the puffy pastry, it is easy to understand why so many connoisseurs are eager to try it anytime they get a chance.


Below you can find the best pastry-shops of this gourmand delicacy, from pastry cooks such as Carl Marletti, Jacques Genin and Cédric Groletin.


Carl Marletti

In the epicenter of atmospheric Parisian cafés and quirky bookshops, down rue Mouffetard in the Latin Quarter, Carl Marletti opened a pastry shop and created a Paris-Brest that is round as a cream puff. Famous throughout Paris, his crispy pastries always seem to attract a crowd of curious sugarheads, dying to experience the season recipe.  


The classic Paris-Brest takes a new turn every time pastry chef Nicolas Haelewyn has anything to do with it. His pastry-cum-tea room on rue Saint-Dominique charms with its complete caramel recipe and the Paris-Breast is even named Le Karabrest. The dough of flour and water based dough is built around a crunchy pecan cracker with an almond-flavored center. Easy on the eyes and on the tastebuds … For an unforgettable snacking experience, order the dessert in king-size.


Faithful to the traditional 1910 recipe, this caramelized hazelnut pastry dough has one of the most beautiful crunches. Falling in love with a dessert has never been easier, as the Paris-Brest by Stohrer is an astonishing piece of art, sculpted to perfection, with a gourmet twist of hazelnut puree cream. The good news? You can now get our hands on this gourmet pastry in the lower floor of the new Galeries Lafayette on the Champs-Elysees.

Jacques Genin

Among the best Paris-Brest in Paris is the legendary Paris-Brest by Jacques Genin. This artisanal delicacy is made to the same, ancient rules of pastry, in the secret of his atelier — which is also a shop in the Marais. Praline-rich and light as a feather, Genin’s version features cream peppered with dried fruit chips, which gives a woody note to the pastry. The icing on the cake is literally the icing sugar sprinkled on the roasted hazelnuts laid above the sweet loaf.


This temple is a favorite among foodies in Paris and has been standing proud on the Place du Trocadero since 1927. The Paris Carette, with its caramelized hazelnut puff pastry and cream, is best enjoyed in front of the Palais de Chaillot.

Cédric Grolet

Unlike his famous optical illusion creations, Cédric Grolet’s flagship pastry shop on Rue de Castiglione, in the heart of Le Meurice, offers the same Paris-Brest all-year-round. For 2019, a novelty was introduced and the flaked almonds on top of the cake were replaced by a delicious cocoa-hazelnut cracker.


Romain Gaia and Takanori Murata, who previously worked at haute-gastronomie hotspot Aida, are serving up the Paris-Brest in a version that reflects the Land of the Rising Sun. Tomo is the most gourmet Franco-Japanese tea salon in Paris, something that reflects in their Paris-Breast as they are served with a Japanese pancake instead of puff pastry – asian fusion at its best.

Pâtisserie de la Goutte d’Or

The student becomes the master is what happened when Yann Menguy, after learning from Christophe Michalak’s Masterclass, created a “Paris-Bronte”. This cake has a twist to it: salted pistachio, drenched in caramel praline. Yummy!

Tatjana Kostic
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