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The city of Paris, and France in a broader way, have always been considered as wine or champagne prominent regions. Yet, when it comes to whisky, France has nothing to be ashamed of. Domains like Cognac and such as, is holding a very important place in the beverage’s history.


The brownish beverage is one of the most popular spirits in the world. Its popularity has always been linked to the seventh art. Leaving the liquor to appear in classic movies like The Great Gatsby, Skyfall or Inglorious Basterds. Series wise, it is safe to say that one character from Mad Men has been the poster boy for the beverage this past decade.


We’ve listed a selection of the best Parisian places where you can awaken your inner Don Draper and enjoy a properly aged whisky. It features old school neighbourhood bars, four-star hotel lounges and hidden caves…


The Golden Promise

We figured we’d start by the obvious with a name that all whisky enthusiasts in Paris know. The Golden Promise, just like the name suggests has everything in store to satisfy every urge. Located right in the heart of the capital — in the Montorgueil area — The Golden Promise truly is a place for connoisseurs. The secretive place features two different spaces. The first is dedicated to whisky cocktails, while the second, even more secretive, is dedicated to rare whiskies tastings. If the place looks amazing, its catalog is the real reason people come to this place… Besides, keep in mind that the place has a unique caretaking, that allow you to store your own bottle there, and have it served every visit by the mixology specialist.

The Beast

A location with such a name has to hold its reputation. Near République, and since very recently, in the lively Belleville district, the bar / restaurant is known for being the most American eatery, with its southern barbecue fetish. That’s not its only kink though: the bestial venue shares with its regulars an infatuation for all things whisky. Classic cocktails, newer creations and an upscale sense of pairing is what awaits you in the beast’s cave, proceed with caution.

Sherry Butt

This is the collector’s spot of the bunch. Sherry Butt is known for collecting bottles from all over the world, and integrating them into its cocktail offering. Don’t get it wrong, the Sherry Butt is not just a whisky bar, but we can assure you that the selection and the service there are exactly what you want when tasting a refined beverage. The place is decorated in a very sober, traditional manner. While the lights stay dim to convey this sense of intimacy, the people behind the bar will make sure you receive the best experience a classy neighborhood bar can offer.   

Maison Sage

Don’t pay attention to the name’s meaning, if you really want to know what Maison Sage is all about. Maison Sage is certainly built like a home, or for that matter, a Parisian apartment, with its different areas that all serve a different purpose. Once the pretty intimidating bouncer sees you mean no harm, you can enter this house of temptation and wander through its impeccable setting that was made to trigger nostalgia, especially for the ones that grew up with a perfecto, a Harley Davidson and pinball fever dreams. Look at it this way: Maison Sage is to bars what Stranger Things is to series that are centered around this era, with the only difference being its amazing selection of whiskies, and a lack of Demogorgon.

The Kube Bar

The four star boutique hotel, located on the north side of Paris, has a reputation for going all in on crazy concepts that captivate the regulars and tease the other’s curiosity. We remember when winter came and conquered the walls, turning the place into a literal ice cube. This season: the place presents a new environment. The cold left a few seasons ago, leaving room for, a chic, neo-apocalyptic take on the establishment referencing the French “crazy years” era. The bar of Hotel Kube is open to both guests and the public. There, you’ll be able to sip your favourite spirit, in a throwback transient setting… Before it turns to something else.

Tawfik Akachar
Senior Writer, Paris
Tawfik is a pop culture enthusiast that has a soft spot for the study of emerging movements, casual chic fashion, and technical clothing. Although he loves different foods from all parts of the globe, he considers fried chicken to be the best dish, ever.