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Café Saint Laurent: where you can sip your coffee in timely fashion

Paris is known for a lot of things: its culture, shopping, fashion, landmarks, and, of course, coffee. For coffee addicts, there is truly no better city in the world. Once you taste Parisian coffee, you will honestly never go back (our apologies to Italy!). Coffee just won’t taste the same after you’ve sipped café crème from a vendor in Paris.

And if you’re in town for Paris Fashion Week, chances are, your schedule is jammed. So you’re going to need all the caffeine you can get your hands on. And we’ve found just the place, one where you can combine your two biggest addiction — fashion and coffee — so ladies and gentlemen, meet the newest addition to the world of designer cafés.

Le Café Saint Laurent Rive Droite

The House of Saint Laurent is taking the opportunity to inaugurate its first café. Located a stone’s throw from the Tuileries garden and attached to its shop, this new coffee shop plunges visitors into the world of the famous house.

All in black and neon lights, the place offers a wide selection. A la carte espresso, latte, machiato, all made according to the rules of the art with a Faema E61 machine. The café is also offering pastries that goes well with your Colombian. Bonus: A QR code will be shared weekly, for each coffee purchased, containing a playlist concocted by the Maison Saint Laurent.

The address is Rue du 29 juillet, 75001 Paris. So go — quick — before all the influencers storm it to take selfies!

Tatjana Kostic
Editor-in-Chief, Paris
Tatjana is a natural born fashion killa. Mesmerised by the influential designers creative escapades, she's always waiting for the next big thing to hit the runway. When she's not lusting after an Oscar de la Renta dress, she's giving her undivided attention to Hermès bow ties and macarons from Ladurée.