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The Ford Mach-E is the first-ever all-electric Mustang

The Ford Mustang is arguably one of the most iconic American-made cars to date. It has made numerous appearances in blockbuster movies and has since gone on to cement itself as an all-time American great. And after a year of teasing with little to no information, the marque finally unveils via live stream its latest creation, the Ford Mach-E.

Ford Mach-E
The Ford Mach-E has plenty of the same visual cues you will find in the Ford Mustang.

While it’s known as the first official all-electric Mustang, the Ford Mach-E is not an electrified muscle car. Instead, it is a crossover SUV that is meant to compete against the likes of Jaguar, Tesla, and Audi. Its launch will showcase the Detroit-based automaker’s commitment towards a more sustainable future with more electric cars to come soon.

Fret not, while it may be all-electric, Ford has ensured that it maintains the name, size, and styling that its customers have grown to know and love. While still an SUV, it bears a striking resemblance to the Ford Mustang series. This is evident in the trademark headlights, taillights, and simulated grille. The only big difference is the extra set of doors. Ford has also done away with door handles, ensuring they remain hidden for aerodynamic purposes. It will only show itself when a special activator button is triggered.

Ford Mach-E
The Ford Mach-E is the first of its kind for the marque with an all-electric drivetrain.

Of course, this ties into the performance of the car. It’s clear that the Mach-E has much to live up to, especially in terms of power, speed, and performance. At the heart of the car lies a rear-mounted electrical motor that produces 332hp and 417Nm of torque. It has a range of about 480km, which is all thanks to an extended-range 98.8 kWh battery pack.

For speed demons, you can opt for the GT Performance Edition, which adds a front-mounted motor that can produce 459hp and 612Nm of torque. Ford itself has claimed that the GT Performance Edition can complete the century sprint around three seconds, giving its competitors a real run for its money.

The interior itself is spacious, capable of seating up to six passengers comfortably. There is also a deluxe infotainment system with a gargantuan 15.5-inch touchscreen display with a physical circular knob for controls. The Ford Mach-E will be available in a variety of trims, which includes Select, Premium, First Edition, California Route 1, GT, and lastly, the GT Performance Edition.

Ford Mach-E
The Ford Mach-E will be available come Spring 2020.

What makes the Ford Mach-E a worthwhile electric vehicle to invest in is its price. It starts out at US$40,000 (approx. RM166,920.) while trim and performance options will increase it to around US$50,000 (approx. RM208,650). This makes it a lot more affordable as compared to electric SUVs at its range from its competitors.

Be sure to look out for the Ford Mach-E when it makes its official debut at the upcoming LA Auto Show 2019.


All images courtesy of Ford.

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