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The new McLaren MSO kits will turn your supercar into an asphalt fury

Only two weeks after the announcement of McLaren’s latest GT supercar, the British performance company just presented its most advanced aerodynamic optimization kits to date. The McLaren Special Operations (MSO) team cooked up a menacing apparatus, designed to make the 570S look like an evil version of the entry-level spider. We already know that the implementation will only be available on the 570S and 570S Spider models, as the 570GT has different backend aesthetic.

Officially named High Downforce Kit, the newly added option will allegedly increase stability by adding 75 kilograms of downforce to the high performance vehicle. The added efficacy will help at both cruising and racing speeds, the manufacturer announces.

Elegance and added performance

The carbon fiber spoiler is complimented on both sides by two MSO-stamped chromatic plates. On the other side, the front bumper, and underbody diffuser are also carbon fiber. They are attached below the beast. Combined, the exoskeleton allows airflows to travel from one end of the car to the other without any obstruction. With much less turmoil, the racer becomes more stable, more efficient.

Now, performances kits are not for everyone! Although, we can already assume that this 2019 MSO rendition will turn glances to stares. The company obviously isn’t afraid of experimenting… “It has to be a McLaren, it has to look right.”, Esteban Palazzo, a designer for McLaren Automotive explains. “Customers are more open to new ideas and advice than you would imagine.”, he continues. Judging on the first images, one can only agree.

Check out the first images of the latest MSO options below.

McLaren has yet to launch the new kit option officially.

In the meantime, you can already check out their MSO page to try and keep your urges in check, for a little while…

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