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This sleeping beauty is headlining RM Sotheby’s October Auction in London

Collector — The official date for RM Sotheby’s next European auction has just been announced. The Olympia in London will welcome the annual rendez-vous for car lovers on the 24 of October. A delightful reason, for collectors and attendees alike, to experience London in the fall.

A sleeping, bestial beauty

As a celebration, the auction house is headlining this year’s sale with a unique vehicle. One that is both rare and in unrestored condition. If the term “unrestored” might scare the non-experts, best believe that the true collectors will not want to miss this sale. In fact, this 1969 Lamborghini Miura P400 S is maybe the last remaining original instances of the Italian vehicle

As seen in the photos below, the vintage car has traveled through the years safely and still looks exactly how it used to during its heyday, in the 1970s.


This incredible car was enjoyed as it was designed to—being driven. After its owner’s passing in 2015, the car—which was in running condition at the time—went into barn storage. That’s actually where it would remain until recently.”, a recent statement from RM Sotheby’s reads. Except for two adjustments on its front side and interior (the addition of light indicators and harness seat belts), the car seems untouched. Indeed, it still features the original paint, engine, service book and factory correspondence documents. The barned good is offered without reserve. It will probably be the life of the party, at the London RM Sotheby auction sale, next October.

RM Sotheby's Annual European Auction
Olympia London, Hammersmith Road, London, UK
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