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What features to look out for if you are smartphone-shopping in 2020

It’s hard to imagine that 10 years ago, smartphones were not even the norm. Now, we have amazing technology including quad-camera setups and 5G connectivity. As we consistently keep pushing the boundaries of smartphone tech, let’s take a moment to see how far we’ve come and what the average consumer must look for while smartphone shopping.

Punch Hole Front Camera
Vivo Z1 Pro

The ‘edge-to-edge’ or pure display silhouette has been getting more and more prominent every year. This time, they’ve reduced it down to a simple dot on the screen. Being more minimalist and cleaner, it allows smartphone brands to enlarge their screen sizes without looking at the size of the phone. In the pursuit for more screen-space, this feature hasn’t gone mainstream yet, but 2020 might just be its big year.

48-MP Rear Camera and Triple Lens Setup
Redmi Note 7 Pro

The smartphone photography industry grows parallel to the social media industry, which is synonymous with the digital revolution we’re in. If you’re wondering where the bar is set for a good smartphone camera today, look no further than a 48-MP and triple camera set-up. As technologically extravagant as it may sound, that’s where the commercial flag post is at today.

Pop-Up Selfie Camera
OnePlus 7 Pro

If you’re not a big fan of the punch-hole front camera, this is an alternative feat. We’ve seen this work best with the new OnePlus smartphone. The obsession towards edge-to-edge displays and max screen resolution actually led us to the point of eliminating the front camera completely in 2019. This is great for those who stream and game on their smartphones, as they come with top-notch display specs.

In-Display fingerprint scanner
Image Credit: Getty Images

The ere of bezel-free smartphones begun with the iconic iPhone X in 2017. Three years later, this spec turned into an essential for every smartphone design. We’re not the biggest fans of going completely bezel-less, we’d need a mechanical back-up. As it eliminated the bezel, TouchID tech was transferred from the button to the screen.

Wireless charging
iPhone XR

We’re slowly escaping the jumbled world of wires. It’s high time too. Most smartphones today come with a wireless charging spec, this includes the latest iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Series and the Huawei’s. What’s important though, is finding yourself a safe and reliable QiPad or charging pad. The next time you’ll be smartphone shopping, do a quick google search and you might actually find yourself a magnetic wall charger too.

The ‘Affordable Premium’ range
Google Pixel 4xl

For those who look for efficiency yet prefer not to spend too much of smartphones, 2019 actually spotlighted the issue of overspending on smartphones and subsequently starting the ‘Affordable Premium’ range of smartphone. At its forefront is OnePlus and then makes its way to Google devices. We need to remember that price doesn’t always justify efficiency. Smartphones were designed to be tools of digital efficiency before glamorous tech.

All Images: Courtesy brands & Getty Images.

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What features to look out for if you are smartphone-shopping in 2020

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