On October 28, the Cupertino brand has announced the arrival of the brand new, much anticipated AirPods Pro. The new noise-cancelling earpieces offer several specs that have been asked among Apple fans for a while now. Its in-ear design is according to Apple the best way to enjoy portable music, within the manufacturer’s ecosystem.

“AirPods are the best-selling headphones in the world. The one-tap setup experience, incredible sound and iconic design have made them a beloved Apple product, and with AirPods Pro, we’re taking the magic even further,” recently stated Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “We think customers are going to love this new addition to the AirPods family”, he concluded. 

The look of the new AirPods Pro fit naturally in every ear and allow for a great comfort - Courtesy of Apple Inc.
The look of the new AirPods Pro fit naturally in every ear and allow for a great comfort – Courtesy of Apple Inc.
Active immersion and transparency

Apple, being one of the few brands that master both hardware and software, is able to provide a perfect experience throughout. The Active Noise Cancellation technology is enabled by the combination of two state-of-the-art microphones and a “superior noise-cancelling experience”, programmed on the software side. This Active Noise Cancellation allows for immersive phone chats or dives into your favourite music. Besides, Apple seems to be leaving nothing to chance, as the audio signal is updated up to 200 times per second.

Another side of the equation is the Adaptive EQ implemented by Apple. The equalizer offers a never-before-heard dynamic range, which has an effect on battery life as well. While noise cancellation will be perfect to focus on your podcast playlist, the newly arrived Transparency Mode will be the perfect way to jog in a crowded area, without the danger of being sonically isolated from your surroundings.

The new Apple AirPods Pro will be available in several sizes and will be up to the usual IPX4 standards when it comes to water, and sweat resistance, making them “exercise proof”.

More information about the new AirPods Pro is available directly on Apple’s website for €279.


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