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Caviar releases $70k iPhone 11 Pro featuring diamonds and 500 grams of gold

Caviar, a luxury customisation brand that specialises in smartphones and jewellery, is introducing its new range of space-inspired iPhone 11 Pro designs.

The full Solarius range features four different inspirations: Meteorite, Moon, Mars, or Sun. They are all synonymous with the level of craft and material sourcing that goes with the literal pieces of jewellery presented by the brand on this original campaign. The first three all feature “authentic material” from either a meteorite, the moon, or Mars. The last one is also the most expensive as it is made out of 500 grams of of 750-content gold for a whopping $70 000.

“The bright magic of the Sun is the energy of life and prosperity. It gives life to our planet, illuminates the everyday life, brings warmness and joy. Yellow gold is a precious material that embodies the essence of the heavenly body, has been used in the various honours of the Sun since the ancient times,” the brand explains on the product description of the iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius edition.

Now, the good news is, the fluctuation of price between the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB and the fully maxed out iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB will not be a problem if you can already afford the “entry” version of Caviar’s rendition, of Apple’s latest and greatest flagship model.

Find out more about Caviar on its official website.

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