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Digital edge: Elevate your Instagram game with these photo apps and filters

Social media is a way of life — that much is undeniable. With the advent of camera phones, it has made the selfie a predominant element of our times. Snapchat first capitalised on our inner-Narcissus with its filters that superimposed everything from virtual dog ears to angel halos on our pictures. Today, more photo apps have popped out of the woodwork with their quirky filters and camera functions.

No, we’re not just referring to the incomparable VSCO cam, glittery Kirakira+, and other editing apps. These five photo apps below will give your photos the edge they need to stand out on your Instagram feed.

(Hero image: @_yarlen_; Featured image: @gifenchy)

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Kylie Jenner, Louis Vuitton, and Vetements use it. Glitché is the bonafide photo filter app for the hypebeasts (and hypebaes). As its name goes, the app gives your photos a pseudo glitched-out look by deliberately pixellating or deconstructing them. Take your pick of a temporal spacetime distortion or trippy VHS-esque filters.


(Photo credit: Kylie Jenner)

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Despite the prominence of the HB01 filter, the retro style of film and Super8 cameras still dominates a certain niche. Cue OldV, an app that puts a cool, yesteryear filter over your photos and videos. A quick look through Instagram showed us that it’s popular in Korea, and we all know how the ongoing K-wave influences global habits. Time to get on board.


(Photo credit: @h0tted)

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Take a trip into a new dimension with Hyperspektiv, a photo app that produces psychedelic images and videos. While we love the treatment it applies to our selfies, the video function is where the app triumphs. There are 30 filters for you to choose from, including a Wildcard option for randomised, kaleidoscopic effects.


(Photo credit: @_yarlen_)

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Collaborations are not limited to fashion collections. Snap a picture with Dubble and it’ll automatically be matched with a photo someone else took, creating spontaneous double exposures. You can also choose to merge your photos with images from your friends, family, or even artists that you admire.


(Photo credit: Sokona13 and Bokeh)

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The OG analogue photo app, Hipstamatic was a thing before Instagram. It was Apple’s first-ever ‘App of the Year’, and paved the way for all other photo apps. Famed photographers Kevin Tachman, Damon Winter, and David Loftus have all used the app to shoot portraits of celebrities and ordinary folk. There are many different ‘Paks’ for you to download, including collaborations with The Dali Museum and Levi’s.


(Photo credit: Victoria Will)

Digital edge: Elevate your Instagram game with these photo apps and filters

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