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Saint Laurent and Cotodama team up on a new Lyric Speaker Canvas

Cotodama was first introduced to the public in 2016 with a concept that was then overlooked and treated as another gadget brand. Since, the Japanese brand has evolved, proved critics wrong and gained in notoriety.

After releasing last year, a new version of their iconic Lyric Speaker Canvas, Cotodama launched yet a new iteration. This time, with Saint Laurent. The French house had already unveiled, earlier this year, another hi-fi collaboration with Danish brand Bang & Olufsen

Photo courtesy of Cotodama
Photo courtesy of Cotodama

Design wise, the simple, minimalistic look of the speaker echoes the brands obsession with simplicity. While the backboard, stamped with the Saint Laurent logo, serves as a reminder for how sleek your musical tastes are, the front one displays lyrics for more than 2 million songs. The brand itself describes their design as “providing constant inspiration and motivation through the power of words.”

The €2400 collaboration speaker is a chunk more expensive than the regular one (about 700€). It is available at Saint Laurent Rive Droite in Paris and Saint Laurent Malibu , in Los Angeles.

Credit: AFP

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