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Samsung announces mighty new Note 10 and Note 10+

It’s that time of the year already. Samsung has just unveiled its latest flagship models. The two are launching on August 23rd. The giant screen Note is back, with noticeable upgrades and a powerful new range of options that clearly sets him apart.
The new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are incredibly powerful smartphones. The two will take the market by storm starting this month. Under their slick AMOLED faces and shiny backs, the new phones offer specs you’ve dreamed of, in a sexy form factor. They will be starting at €949 for the regular Note 10, and €1099 for the Note 10+.

The first, smaller one will pack a standardized 8GB of RAM, while its bigger brother features 12. The extra memory will allow it to run without a loss in efficiency. The Note 10+ embarks a thrilling 1440p display — which is arguably overkill to most people. But the Note 10+ was designed to be the next big thing. Samsung even announced the arrival, soon, of a full 5G version of the Note 10+.

Future oriented

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Galaxy Note without the S-Pen. This year’s edition features a bunch of appreciable updates for people that use it on a daily basis. For instance, a new option allows you to write notes on your lock screen. Your Galaxy Note 10 will then remember them and even allow you to research words you’ve handwritten by simply typing them. Ingenious!
No more headphone jack, this time around. Samsung stated it was to gain a little bit of room, but in 2019, with the popularization of wireless technologies and the spreading of USB-C ports, all major players in the industry are saying goodbye to the beloved 3,5mm jack we all grew up with.

On top of all that, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 presents a bunch of new features: an improved compatibility with desktop interfaces, a powerful new stabilizer, new camera lenses, an under-the-screen fingerprint sensor, and many others, which you can learn more about directly on Samsung’s official website.

Samsung announces mighty new Note 10 and Note 10+

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