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Sonos introduces Move, the brand’s first portable speaker

Sonos is eventually entering the market of wireless, battery powered sound systems. The Scandinavian brand was formerly only focused on bringing their expertise to your interior. With Move, the time has finally come to explore the sonic boundaries of the outside world.

A first step outside for Sonos

After developing what is, arguably, the most hyped and sought after sound equipment in current times, Sonos is visibly interested in tagging along on your daily world explorations and travels. 

The bluetooth and wifi-powered device comes with extended range and years of innovation behind a product that has for ambition to push the boundaries of outdoor, on the go and indoor environments. 

Sonic durability

The high-end, durable speaker was designed to survive your travels while delivering the best sonic experience money can buy. Building on their powerful ecosystem, the Move has a few perks you might fall for. First, and that should come as no surprise for Sonos products, is the versatility and adaptability of their signature sound technology.

Move “provides deep bass and a wide sound profile”, a fresh statement from the brand reads. “Since the very beginning, Sonos has been giving listeners unparalleled freedom of choice. Our platform gives you the freedom to play any song you want, any way you want,” details Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos.

The Sonos Move is releasing globally on September 24 for €400. Later this fall, two new products are joining the Sonos family: the Sonos Port and Sonos One SL. More information directly on Sonos’ official website.

Tawfik Akachar
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