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The Sony RX100 Mark VII has pro specs in a pocket format

Sony’s release calendar was full, the past few days. The Japanese brand has just unveiled a handful of new toys for vloggers and casual photography lovers. The RX100, one of its iconic cameras, has just been upgraded for 2019. Very popular among bloggers that don’t want to deal with a DSLR, this compact camera hides one hell of a beast, behind its low-key appearance.

Versatile and powerful

Showing that they have finally listened to their fans, Sony has finally decided to include an audio output, allowing creators to give up on inventing vlogging hacks to record decent audio. But the sound isn’t the only thing that has been upgraded on the 2019 rendition of the flagship compact.

The most impressive feature this year has to be the real-time tracking eye auto-focus. The new option is basically flawless and allows for a perfect shot, every time, as show many of the tests available online. The technology was, until now, only implanted in the professional, very high-end, mirrorless, Sony A9. 

As usual, the compact is able to zoom — and it can do it very well. The lens is a 24MM-200MM equivalent by Zeiss. It compliments a new sensor that can pick up light, even in harsh conditions. The cute monster also shoots 4K with SteadyShot (Sony’s proprietary image stabilization technology).

The Sony RX100 Mark VII is launching in August for about €1200.

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