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Alipay sets foot in Europe to cater to Chinese tourists

Alipay wants to make it easier for outbound Chinese travelers to pay abroad. The Alibaba Group affiliate — which has become the biggest payment platform in the world in 2013 — wants to cater to Chinese tourists coming to Europe. In order to do so, the financial company has began introducing payment services in several European countries.

More and more European merchants, big or small, are interested in acquiring the payment method. Indeed, about 180 Million Chinese travelers are going outbounds in 2019, according to the latest estimates. The payment giant is partnering up with 6 European firms, listed thereafter.

  1. momo Pocket (Spain)
  2. Pagaqui (Portugal)
  3. ePassi (Finland)
  4. Pivo (Finland)
  5. Bluecode (Austria)
  6. Vipps (Norway)

For the longest, the only options available for inbound Chinese travelers were the restricted number of businesses that accepted UnionPay — although it is the main credit card issuer on the planet. Often depicted with piles of cash, for which they often had to queue to change — at a disadvantageous rate — Chinese tourists are apparently taking the news with content. No words have emerged yet on French businesses’ will to join the partnership program, but with more and more tourists coming to the Hexagon each year, chances are you see an Alipay stamp next time you go to the boulangerie.

Tawfik Akachar
Senior Writer, Paris
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