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These are the prettiest places for a wedding proposal in Paris

Love sick — Are you planning on popping the question? Being the city of love, Paris is arguably the perfect place for a proposal. We’ve roamed the streets and voilà — these are the prettiest places to propose in Paris, for the picture-perfect moment you’ll treasure starting your lives together. Assuming that the person you are proposing to says yes, otherwise here are some nice whisky bars where you can drown your sorrows.

Place de Trocadéro

Without any doubt the most popular location on this list, and for a good reason! You can not find any better view on the Eiffel Tower in town. And because the sun rises behind the tower, the light is unparalleled. Early morning is the best time, in terms of both beating the crowds and catching the light.

Jardin des Tuileries

If you’re lusting for another Parisian landmark to propose in front of, the Tuileries Garden with the Louvre backdrop, makes a pretty lovely spot as well. Go there in the early morning to watch the sun rise behind the famous museum and have the gardens to yourselves.

Avenue de Camoëns

For a more unconventional view of the Eiffel Tower, head to Avenue de Camoëns, still to date the best kept secret in Paris. This little street has an amazing view and, despite its proximity to the more popular Trocadéro, still manages to remain one of the calmer places to see the tower. A real oasis. The lamp posts and the classic Parisian architecture will make your proposal picture-perfect.

Place Dauphine

If you’re looking for a more private park to pop the question, you won’t find a prettier or more Parisian one than Place Dauphine. A little haven of peace right in the center of the French capital, where you’ll be surrounded by beauty that will last for a lifetime, making it the perfect candidate for this list about the prettiest places to propose in Paris.

Rue de Buenos Ayres

If you’re looking to get a little more up close and personal with Lady Iron for your proposal, this residential street will do that for you. The view is similar to the rue de l’Université on the other side of the tower, but is generally more quiet, making it the perfect spot to get down on your knee and wait and see.

Private suite

For the most private proposal experience possible, what better location than the terrace of one of Paris’ most historical hotels — The Peninsula. It is hard to beat the view and ambience at this venue, making it the ideal spot to pull out that ring. Their team can help you with all the preparations — procure flowers, a bottle of champagne, and such as — whatever comes to mind when you want to celebrate your engagement!

These are the prettiest places for a wedding proposal in Paris

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