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Hot Properties: Frank Lloyd Wright’s legendary Norman Lykes house up for auction

The legendary Circular Sun House, imagined by late designer Frank Lloyd Wright as his ultimate work, built in the Arizona desert, is up on the market. The property is known worldwide as it was Wright’s last residential design. It came right before completing the Guggenheim Museum, 60 years ago now, in 1959.

The residence was designed around the idea of blending in the local environment. Concrete blocks are coloured to match the sandy scenery. The modern, mid-century style of the property contrasts perfectly with the brutalist look of a natural ecosystem and remains just a mile away from the nearest urban hub. Light also plays a huge part in the equation, as the round construction boasts a mix of light and shadow palettes that travel the vicinity in an organic fashion.

The location’s surface area extends to about 290 square metres of inhabitable spaces, features 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, as well as amazing views on the valley and the Palm Canyon. The furnishing is also mid-century, which perfectly sticks to the overall concept of this precious collectable. If you plan on making it a secondary residence, please note that the Master’s suite features a magnificent balcony, for you to stare at the seemingly infinite skyline of the Arizona desert.

More info directly available on Heritage Auctions.

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