The addition of luxe metallic textures and finishes is not something new in interior designing. But the huge difference is the choice of metallic finish in this year’s design trends – a little less copper and rose gold, and more brass. Brass is one of the most sophisticated shiny tones. It is a texture that grows on you. When used the right way, brass furniture pieces, mirrors and accessories help to add a luxurious touch to any room.

Homeowners are constantly looking for flexible and dynamic ways to dress up their spaces. Materials like wood, glass, stone and metal won’t lose their value. Instead, the innovation and creativity lie within the strength and unique qualities of the materials when they are put together as a complete ensemble.

Antique and rustic metal textures are still being highly sought-after since the retro trend is still in demand. Terrazzos are also great to pair with shimmering textures of brass and copper. Mixing brass with marble is also an on-trend feel for lighting and furniture design this year. The possibilities with brass and other metallic finishes are endless. Here are ways to incorporate these gleaming tones – gold, antique silver, brass, copper, bronze and rose gold – into the interiors of your home — without looking over the top.

(Featured image: Pavilion Broadway)