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These 4 colours will dominate home interiors in 2020

Since Pantone’s release of its forecasted colour of the year for 2020 — the Neo Mint — key players in the interior design world all agree that the colour trends for next year will revolve around something light, effortless and soothing for some clarity in the hectic pace of our daily life.

It is no longer bold as trends veer away from right-at-your-face colourways. Homes are given due respect as a respite for comfort, rejuvenation and peace. The interior design colour trends for 2020 suggests a ‘relaxing’ year with palettes that have inherently calming qualities to go with any styles or rooms. These colours are also versatile and play well with both minimalism or maximalism, contemporary of classic — depending on where your preferences are.

If you’re thinking of giving your room a makeover to start the new year rosy and positive, here are the four colours that will dominate home interiors in 2020.

Photo: Dulux
Hazy Pale Green

Dulux colour of the year for 2020, Tranquil Dawn is a mix of cool green with the lightness of the morning sky. Similar to the forecasted Pantone colour of the year for 2020, Neo Mint, this duck egg colour is an easy accent to supplement your usual all-white walls. There is a sense of effortlessness that comes with this hazy pale green tone for a calming and comforting start to the year.

Photo: Jotun
Dark Neutrals

If you think that off-white, grey and beige are the go-to neutral tones for your home, 2020 will see darker shades joining the colour wheel. Black, navy blue and sage green are now considered the new ‘neutral’ to accent common rooms and spaces. Darker shades actually help to create a more spacious illusion — in contrary to popular belief — and these deep colours can be used on walls, floors and ceilings to enrich the spatial quality in your home.

Photo: Sherwin Williams
Creamy Beige

Beige is now ready to make a comeback years after ‘shades of gray’ reign in interior design trends. A great pairing with wood tones, as well as bold tones like navy and burgundy, beige is an easy answer for a quick home makeover. Go for more peach tones for a warmer finish.

Photo: Behr
Dusty Pink

Paint label Behr goes with something more genderless next year with the revival of the millennial pink. The soulful pink evokes the idea of florals and warm sunsets on the beach. This dusty shade is a warmer tone of the sweet millennial pink, but works wonders in an interior space. Not to be defined by gender, this pink tone is a great complement for dark blues, copper and gold, as well as warm off-whites — an easy choice for a bachelor’s pad or to enliven your living area.

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