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Zaha Hadid architects complete first ever house design

Two years after the architect’s premature death in 2016, her architecture firm kept the fire burning. Her flowing architectural legacy stood out in her living days, but even after her tragic death, her name is synonymous with grandiose structures and modern complexes.

The dramatic, overly organic curves that are proper to her sketches live in many places across the globe, from Hong Kong to Glasgow, Leipzig to Baku. If all of the projects that the starchitect has done in the past were commissioned and funded by institutions, governments or organizations, there has never been a private residential project. Until now, that is.

So far, the visionary architect firm’s first and only work of this type has been completed. The Capital Hill Residence was just built in the Barvhika forest. And here’s another first: it is one of the few projects from Hadid’s firm not to be located in an urban environment. The UFO-like structure stands on a bed of thick Russian greenery, about three kilometres West of Moscow.

“I met Zaha in London a decade ago at an event,” says Doronin, CEO and owner of several real estate firms, owner of the property. “We were both impressed by and attracted to the works of Kazimir Malevich and El Lissitzky. We spent the rest of the evening speaking about art and design. It was during this meeting I decided I wanted to work with her on a real estate project.” Have a look at the detailed presentation of the 3400 square metres estate below.

Zaha Hadid architects complete first ever house design

Tawfik Akachar

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