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Where to find the best Japanese treatments in Paris

Konichiwa — somewhere, tucked away on a side street, steps away from the Odéon metro station, a new French-Japanese cosmetic brand has set up shop. The beauticians are greeting you in true Japanese fashion, offering the best Japanese treatments in Paris.


With the help of Archiee, a local creative studio founded by Yusuke Kinoshita and Daisuke Sekine, EN markets skin-specific treatment regimens. What makes the treatments so unorthodox is the fact that they are marrying coveted French skincare formulas with Japanese care techniques.

Three concepts are defining their name and company: beauty, circularity and connection. The cosmetic brand brought Archiee on for a reason: to manifest these three qualities through various elements. As a customer you can see the result of these same elements showcased throughout the rooms in their boutique.

Although there are very established cosmetic industries in each country, Archiee relies on a different source for cultural inspiration. The merchandising strategy takes inspiration from French wineries, leaving the products to be showcased as if visitors were somewhere in a wine cellar in Champagne or Côte d’Or regions.


The concept

But EN remains a beauty and care brand. It offers services going from counselling to treatment. Massage and essence blending services are available in-house only. And to get into each of these service rooms, one must walk along a winding path. Organically prompted aesthetic experiences are a tenet of Japanese hospitality. Therefore, implementing those ideals into what’s supposed to be a relaxing retail destination makes perfect sense. The products used at EN are beauty products made from raw, organic material. Each ingredient is selected from the best elements in the world, then refined and bottled in Japan. To finally be shipped to France and be displayed and used in-store.


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When you get one of EN notorious treatments, the products are carefully picked out to best suit your skin and to bring out your most beautiful self. The venue relies on an Oriental aesthetic philosophy, were before treating anything, understanding the reasons for unhealthy skin is pinpointed.


Everything from physical state, to posture, daily habits, or diet is analysed by the beauticians. After the analysis, a mix of EN products are carefully selected to best match your complexion. By putting together traditional creams and Oriental massage techniques, EN makes sure to give your skin its best appearance. Ready, set, go — consider your skin being prepped for the summer!



EN Beauty Salon
7 Rue de Condé, 75006 Paris
Where to find the best Japanese treatments in Paris

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