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5 must-have items from Siam Center’s new Absolute Thai Store

Step aside, regular souvenirs.

Siam Center has recently launched a brand-new Absolute Thai Pop Up Shop, featuring an exclusive range of creative and imaginative souvenirs, unlike any and every you may have seen before.

Long a hot haven of innovative design in art, fashion, technology, and lifestyle, the pop-up shop was welcomed last week by a host of stylish stars and creatives. Proof that the contemporary items appeal not only to tourists but to locals too, the collection features many a special collaboration between Thai staple lifestyle brands and international designers, featuring exclusive pieces that have never been seen anywhere else.

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As Siam Piwat’s Senior Vice President Parisa Chatnilbhandu puts it, “some of the souvenirs from the Absolute Siam House Brand are intricately crafted by Thai designers, exhibiting a balance of Thai and international characteristics, with distinct hints of graphic and illustration to represent pop culture.”

Open from now until 17 November 2019, we recently had the chance to check out the Absolute Thai Pop Up Shop. From cult items to cool collectibles and really unique gifts, scroll ahead for our top picks from the store.

Absolute Siam Siam Center

The Hatakabb & Greyhound collab

An iconic design any local will recognise and any non-local will appreciate for its curiously cool colour and composition, Hatakkab (yes, the legendary herbal cough drop brand!) has collaborated with Greyhound to present a series of streetwear items at Absolute Thai.

Hattakab was founded more than 100 years ago by an immigrant man from China called Jui-Sai Sae-Sim, and is a brand most widely recognised by its logo of five centipedes and Jui-Sai’s signature portrait shot. In its contemporary revamp, the collection at Absolute Thai sees the logo emboldened and replicated across a variety of items, from tote bags and t-shirts, to Hawaiian shirts and a very trendy bucket hat. Contemporary, with an iconic Thai lifestyle twist.

Absolute Siam Siam Center

The Snake Brand & SPUN collab

Beyond Hattakab, there is another lifestyle brand in Thailand that is instantly recognisable by its logo. Feeling hot and humid? It is likely you have used Thailand’s first cooling powder by Snake Brand.

Replicating the entwined rose logo and the signature Snake Brand red, green, and white, the Thai innovator has collaborated with renowned Thai illustrator Spun Inthawong for a series of products spanning bags, t-shirts, and lifestyle items. A ‘cool’ way to blend contemporary with pop-cultural.

Absolute Siam Siam Center

DAROON’s ‘Siamese Matchbox’ collection

Is this Thailand’s most iconic matchbox? We think so.

Thai streetwear brand DAROON is displaying its ‘Siamese Matchbox’ collection at the Absolute Thai Store, featuring an array of pieces inspired by the classic matchbox and its Naga serpent motif. It’s a modern interpretation of the image, reflected in a line of messenger and tote bags, as well as bucket hats and oversized t-shirts. A hot must-have collection for the fiery fashionista.

Absolute Siam

A tote bag from KATTARA

You may recognise this design from when you’re having a traditional Thai lunch or dinner, and if you have an appetite for cool design, KATTARA’s collection may be a scrumptious hit.

The Thai brand is combining a truly typically Thai design feature into a series of totes bags, boasting a retro and regal vibe that still feels somewhat modern. The images are taken from classic Thai metal trays that are used for serving food, incorporating the signature drawing outlines and floral patterns into contemporary form. Regal, and totally retro.

Absolute Siam

KIDKID’s 35th anniversary

Beyond the bigger brands, chewing gum brand KIDKID is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a collaboration with various Thai designers. From FOX PIXEL casual wear, to our favourite vintage swimwear from APRIL POOL DAY, over to bag designer SHE.

We love KIDKID’s collaboration with HERBPINESS especially, featuring a series of herbal balms produced from beeswax and coconut oil, aromatic rollers, and cooling herbal sprays. Refreshed in style.

Not just a cool collection of sweet souvenir items, but also a celebration of local talent and iconic Thai brands, find these exclusive items and many, many more at Siam Center’s Absolute Thai Pop Up Shop until 17 November 2019 at Atrium 1, G/F, Siam Center, 989 Rama I Rd., Pathum Wan, Bangkok, +66 2 658 1000.

5 must-have items from Siam Center’s new Absolute Thai Store

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