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Acne Studios focuses on new faces for its FW19 campaign

Shot by photographer Richard Burbridge, the new campaign illustrates the importance of personalities in fashion. Acne Studios has a history with subtle social commentary, but that doesn’t stop the brand from presenting collections that are embedded in our era. 

“Acne Studios is about both fashion and reality. I’m proud that we’ve always designed new fashion that people want to wear,” shares Jonny Johansson, creative director of Acne Studios. “I love it when I see people around the world carrying our Musubi bag. Every time I see the bag now, I think about real people,” he continues, revealing the bag takes him to a new place of excitement. 

In this bespoke, minimalistic Fall/Winter 2019 campaign, Acne is focusing on the faces of the next generation. The ones that will build the creative world of tomorrow. The young talents featured there come from all parts of the globe. The seven profiles featured in the campaign are models Xie Chaoyu, Sara Skinner Hiromi and Esther McGregor, American artists Ajani Russell and Delfin Finley, dancer Parker Kit Hill and musician Dylan Jagger Lee.

The collection itself actually takes clues from Japanese savoir-faire, only with a modernist approach. A backpack, bucket bag and cushioned, strapped versions of several models are available for this rendition. See below. The Musubi collection is a patchwork of sizes and techniques. Indeed, it focuses both on the people wearing it, as well as elevated practicality.

Find more about the collection on Acne Studios’ official website.

Tawfik Akachar
Senior Writer, Paris
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