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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The hottest eyewear for fashion-conscious men

If you’re comparing the many pairs of shoes that you have in your closet with the number of eyeglasses you have in your collection, we’d like to ask you a question: which is more important, your feet or your face? Eyewear has transcended beyond being a utilitarian corrective piece for optical use. Today, it is more of a fashion statement that complements and accentuates your overall look. If you’re looking to for a gift that’s meaningful and useful at the same time, you can never go wrong with a pair of stylish sunglasses — especially if the man if your life is a fashion critic by nature. Here are our favourite picks.


Millionaires Sunglasses by Louis Vuitton

Made of black acetate, the 1.1 Millionaires sunglasses evoke the eyewear style worn in Al Capone’s Chicago, an old stomping ground of Artistic Director Virgil Abloh. This pair features a deep bevelled front and bright contrast colour thanks to the detailed gold Monogram pattern along the top. S-lock hinges are an eye-catching accent taken from sunglasses found in the House archives, making this a stunning eye-stopping piece to walk the talk.

Approx. RM 3,500 from Louis Vuitton.    



TVR Art Deco Oxford Vintage sunglasses

Handcrafted by master artisans in Sabae, Japan, TVR Art Deco Oxford Vintage sunglasses is a masterpiece for those bold enough to stand out in the crowd. The collection comes in two shapes — round and panto — and it is designed with ultimate comfort and fit in mind. Inspired y the temple-less pince-nez eyepiece from the 1800s, this revived eyewear comes in an aviator-style double bridge with intricate etchings on its metal sides for extra style points. The polarised lenses also come in different vintage tones including red, blue and yellow.

Approx. RM 2,290 from TVROPT.    



Windsor-Rim Sunglasses by BOSS

The latest Windsor-rim sunglasses with 3D temples and tonal logo by BOSS is a subtle take on adding flair to your overall look. The frame itself is simple yet elegant, crafted for lightweight comfort and trend-driven sensibility. These innovative sunglasses feature a double bridge, alongside modern temples perfected with a 3D effect and tonal logo. Easily paired with a full-white linen ensemble by the beach or at weekend brunches, the eyewear is also a great addition to complement a sharp tailored suit.

Approx. RM960 from BOSS.    



DiorFlag1 Tricolore Sunglasses

Made in blue acetate with red-white-blue trilayer details on the temples, the DiorFlag1 square-shaped sunglasses offers an urban yet elegant look. Peer closer to appreciate the emblematic Dior Men cut and asymmetrical ‘Christian Dior’ logo for a fashion twist. The seamless touch and beautiful detail of the tricolour temples also evoke a sporty flair to the style — best worn on road trips or a long-haul voyage. 

Approx. RM 1,395 from Dior.    



Futuristic Fendi Sunglasses

The Futuristic Fendi sunglasses is a black and gold sophisticated creation that’s made in Italy. The black-injection-moulded mount is completed with gold-patinaed metal, beating signature characteristics of the house of Fendi. The metal cylinder on the bridge is engraved with Roma/Amor lettering with F-shaped tips to accentuate a more luxurious finish. The lenses come transparent but you can customise it to fit your preferred tint. This aviator-inspired piece is an eyewear that you can carry from the boardroom during the day to an outing with the boys at night. 

Approx. RM 1,800 from Fendi.

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