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Louis Vuitton Arty Capucines collection is finally here and it’s highly limited

Limited edition — Having worked with big name creatives in both its collections for men and women over the years, Louis Vuitton sure is no stranger to collaborations. In fact, it has become a core part of the French luxury brand’s mission and continued efforts in supporting the arts, and helping artists showcase their creative work. As a part of that project, this year 6 contemporary artists were invited to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the iconic bag. The bag is named after the Parisian street (Rue des Capucines) where Monsieur Louis Vuitton opened his first store in 1854. Each of the artists was given creative freedom to express their designs on the distinctive trapezoid-shaped bag, bringing their unique vision to life in the highly limited #ArtyCapucines collection. Alex Israel is among those faces.

Born and bred in Los Angeles, this west coast native, draws inspiration from his hometown city for each of his works. The artist opened the doors of his studio for a collaboration with the notorious Parisian fashion house, with a design offering both contradictions and beauty. Driven by the ocean’s rhythm, Alex Israel’s works portray not only America’s obsessions, but also those of the world.
And if the name rings a bell, that’s because he was the artist behind the LV packaging of the cologne perfumes unveiled earlier this year. He was also the man behind Rimowa’s much-lauded collaboration that was launched at the Frieze Art Fair in Los Angeles.

Louis Vuitton invited artist Alex Israel to bring the spirit of his native California to the new Cologne Perfumes Collection. Courtesy of Louis Vuitton.
Premium luggage meets premium art, and you get RIMOWA x Alex Israel. Courtesy of Rimowa.

As for the bag itself, this artistic makeover involves one of Alex Israel’s most iconic works — “The Wave” — being attached to the iconic handbag, by using complex leather work, pinpointing the extensive know-how of the Louis Vuitton ateliers. The colors — inspired by the Los Angeles skyline — are made lustrous thanks to high-definition digital printing process. They mimic the different shades of tanned skin and surfer wet-suits, that are often seen on the Pacific coast.

Two surfboard fins, in glossy semi-transparent acrylic material, are sticking out from each side of the bag. A great component of the handle that is made with the same materials. Not to mention the discreet signature that was added to the iconic bag — the artist’s profile, acting as the perfect signature.

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The Arty capucines collection is being launched today, June 25, in a limited capacity of 300 bags per model. So stay alert, there definitely won’t be enough for everybody so make sure to get yours here!

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