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LVMH pledges $10M to try and save the Amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest has been burning for weeks. Each second, the equivalent of a whole football field is gone in flames and the local government seems to be indifferent. Worse: Bolsonaro’s government was recently accused by indigenous people and other world leaders of helping the fire spread, in order to develop farming and gain land in the area. 

While most world leaders are openly condemning the Brazilian government, no major measures have yet been taken.

In a recent press release, the French giant has announced a $10M pledge to fight this major crisis. “Protecting the environment is not just about words and speeches or signing declarations of principle, it also requires taking concrete collective actions when dangers arise in order to provide resources for local specialists and work together to save our planet,” LVMH board member and visionary director Yann Arthus-Bertrand stated. “I am proud that LVMH is participating in this emergency effort and I hope many others will follow suit.” he added.

While LVMH may well be the first corporate giant to pledge financial help for this major crisis, others will hopefully follow suit.

LVMH pledges $10M to try and save the Amazon rainforest

Tawfik Akachar

Senior Writer, Paris

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