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MCM and Bape turn millenial nostalgia to collaborative effort

Collaborations between luxury fashion brands and the world of streetwear are starting to be more common these days. Aside from Louis Vuitton pairing up with Supreme, we also saw Versace going hand-in-hand with KITH. This time though, we see the likes of MCM and Bape stirring the pot together to see what happens.

All the signature motifs from both MCM and Bape out in full force.

With Bape already known for its various collaborations like Montblanc and Bell & Ross, this will be the first time MCM dives into the world of streetwear. The capsule collection will feature various leather goods, apparels, and accessories.

It may not look like it, but the two brands have a rather intimate story. A full decade ago — when snapbacks started coming back — while every luxury brand was concerned about their new millenium positioning, MCM, with a rather conservative range, was a staple brand adored by early adopters. The same demographics that wore ironic streetwear tee-shirts and monogramme-heavy maroquinnerie was in fact mixing high-end accessories from brands like Ambush, Ti$A, or RetroSuperFuture, to the know-how of MCM and others. A Bathing Ape has been part of this movement from the start. Which makes for a very interesting collection, full of a decade of history.

The entire collection will be available come 26 October 2019, showing the two brands’ shared design influences, especially in music and pop culture. One of the first-ever pieces from the collection features the iconic Bape ape head and camouflage motif alongside MCM’s signature logo and colour scheme.

Be sure to check out MCM’s website for more info regarding the full release on 26 October 2019.

Additional information by Tawfik Akachar.

MCM and Bape turn millenial nostalgia to collaborative effort

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