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Ralph Lauren is creating a new eco-responsible denim line

Hear ye, hear ye, all you Ralph Lauren denim-lovers out there! “Wear Your Story” is the new mantra of the American designer’s campaign. After all, wearing jeans is a story, a nostalgic saying, an ode to denim, an essential and historic category of the brand. Combining design and durability is Ralph Lauren’s new obsession, all orchestrated over the next 50 years. Creating, protecting and resisting are the three objectives of the label through their recently unveiled “Design The Change” program.

Last April the label presented the Earth polo line where the fibre of the iconic garment was made from 12 bottles of recycled plastic. Ralph Lauren is once again committed to strengthening his ecological quotient by upgrading denim over the course of the “Design The Change” project.

Creating a better future

On the agenda? A line of eco-responsible denim parts made of sustainable cotton where the washing technique is more environmentally friendly. Less water, limited use of pumice stones…. In short, signature pieces in the timeless US style of the label, while protecting the environment a little more. The extra thing? Ralph Lauren works with suppliers who collect and recycle old jeans.

Denim is an essential category of the Ralph Lauren brand. And “Wear Your Story” is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to amplify this category. The collection presented in this campaign includes new washes, treatments and details on several silhouettes of the Men’s & Women’s polo shirt, as well as cotton from responsible sources and offered in many styles.
The collection is now available on the official Ralph Lauren website.


Tatjana Kostic
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