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The most expensive Supreme x Nike collaboration to date has just hit shelves

Supreme and the Swoosh go way back. The two brands arguably reign today on street culture because of the rich and detailed history they share together. The two entities have worked together on memorable capsules that are now embedded in sneakerheads’ minds.
On this new rendition of the already successful Air Max 95, Supreme is adding a touch of refinement, with a glossy Italian Lux. On top of this, the brand’s signature lays on the insole with golden letters. This AM95 is available in three colourways: Black, Blue and Red. All share the same black sole and feature an Italy-shaped hang tag. The totality of the shoe are made out of Italian leather.

Besides the product photos available above, a lookbook was also shot to promote the capsule, on which stars British-French rapper Octavian.

This exuberant drop is also the most expensive Nike x Supreme collaboration to date. Out today in Europe and in the US, the drop, priced at €500 ($500 or £435) will be available in Japan on November 9, following local stores’ dropping schedules.
Move fast, the collection shouldn’t last on Supreme’s official website too long!

Tawfik Akachar
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