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“The time for talking is over”: Gucci takes action to fight the climate crisis

Gucci’s CEO, Marco Bizzarri has announced that the brand — who ranked first in the “ World’s 10 most powerful fashion houses” in August — was done with planning actions to try and limit the effects of climate change. “The time for talking is over,” the chairman reveals. “At a certain point you need to act. As a brand, you can keep getting better and fine-tuning your processes—and we are more than happy to do that. But today is the moment to act.” 

“The time for talking is over”
Marco Bizzarri

As the luxury world is slowly shedding light on the issue, Bizzarri has been pushing for imminent action. He wants the brand to take responsibility for all of the gas emissions that are directly related to their activities. The ambitious strategic decision is to go completely carbon neutral within a reasonably short timeframe. 


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The plan is allegedly already live. Gucci is already following recommendations from some of the best universities worldwide. “We’re using many mathematical models from different universities,” Bizzarri explains to Fast Company’s Elizabeth Segran. “Of course, there is always room to perfect these methodologies — and we are open to talking to anybody who can give us suggestions — but I really believe that we just need to start somewhere.”

On a wider scale, Kering, Gucci’s owner plans to follow the same ethically motivated action. This means other dominant brands like Balenciaga, Saint Laurent or Alexander McQueen are keen on joining the same protocol.

Your turn, LVMH!

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