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This summer, emulate Brad Pitt with this John Elliott shirt and 7 others

In his latest movie, Quentin Tarantino dives into the sexiest — but also the darkest — era in Hollywood history. Starring two style icons, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is filled with pop culture, and retro-Americana references. But we have to be honest, our favorite is obviously Brad Pitt’s laid back, Californian style. Sorry Leo (you do look good in a turtleneck).

With summer drawing near — even if lately, the weather in Paris would make us think otherwise — we’ve decided to give you a hand. We have selected, for you, the best short sleeve shirts for the estival season…

N.B. : aviator shades are optional.

Palace is your go-to brand if you want to look good and not look like you’re trying very hard. Especially with they cut-and-sew products. The British high-end skateboard brand has been proposing interesting designs lately, with a focus on quality garments (and via several interesting collaborations). The playful pattern will not be sending mixed message this summer: you’re only in for the fun, with this JCDC shirt by Palace Skateboards.

The young brand has nothing to envy to some of its older competitors. Palm Angels, under the impulse of Francesco Ragazzi, has set itself as one of the key players in the high end streetwear market. With their audacious aesthetic, precise cuts and graphic prints, the different products the brand has to offer are flying off the shelves. Maybe the recent collaboration from the Moncler Genius program is already showing results…

The colour palette definitely looks like something Brad Pitt could have worn in the movie… With the mimosa and mint green hints all over the fabric, this pattern reminds us of those hot days spent wandering between boroughs, looking for a touch of greenery and fresh water, in an ocean of glass, steel and concrete. With its boxy cut, this offering from Bode New York could well be your entry into the Emily Bode universe (where fashion is effortless).

Name the first over-the-top brand that comes to mind… If you’ve been following the fashion industry this past decade, Balenciaga surely was the first name popping up in your head. This shirt is no exception: take a summer staple and turn it into a statement by detailing the sleeves, adding a logo pattern, and throwing a wild boxy fit to it. Only for the braves!

Very few brands embody casual-chic the way A.P.C. (French for production and creation atelier) does. The French label, founded by Jean Touitou has been one of the best exports, in terms of taste, in French fashion over the last twenty years. Through collaborations with Louis W., Kanye West or more recently, Kid Cudi, A.P.C. was able to mix its casual cuts with some of the boldest creative minds in recent history. Besides, floral pattern never really go out of style.

This is not the kind of camouflage that will get you unnoticed. On the contrary, if you buy this shirt, you will get all the looks. Contrasting with the common “camo” pattern are the nice white, satin lining and the pink Valentino tower print. Perfect for a cocktail at Hotel Martinez or by the pool at Molitor!

When you’ve been providing the highest level of excellence in fashion for decades, summer can only rhyme with silk. This Hawaian shirt from Givenchy is proof, if you need one. Since the arrival, in 2017, of Clare Waight Keller, the French house has been focusing on efficiency, on all levels, as seen on this shirt’s detailing.

Young designer John Elliott has been making waves since . His Rodeo-Drive-infused, high-end streetwear has been providing some of the best wardrobe staples in the industry sine 2013. Now that this new title has been earned, the brand is showing more creative diversity. John Elliott, the label, proposes not only quality basics, but also now, top-of-the-line ready-to-wear, as you can see on the Bougainvillea shirt above.

Tawfik Akachar
Senior Writer, Paris
Tawfik is a pop culture enthusiast that has a soft spot for the study of emerging movements, casual chic fashion, and technical clothing. Although he loves different foods from all parts of the globe, he considers fried chicken to be the best dish, ever.