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Your ultimate guide to sneaker shopping in Paris

Paris is a city that lives with its time. And in 2019, how hard is it to avoid sneakers? They seem to be everywhere. From Jordan brand, to Kanye West and his $1B Yeezy venture, to StockX entering the international stock market, trainers — and the streetwear microcosmos that surrounds it — seem to be the craze of the decade. 

Long gone is the time when getting your new pair of trainers was as easy as going to your regular sportswear boutique. Now, certain drops have become so limited, with a demand so high, that your chances of getting the pair you’ve been waiting for are much harder than you’d think… That’s why consignment places and resellers are ruling parts of the market, at the moment.

From Quickstrikes to Tier Zero’s to the even rarer Family and Friends packs, rare sneakers, just like watches or designer bags, have become an investment. To help you spend your money safely, we’ve established a list of the most reliable boutiques in the French Capital. Below are all the best addresses to go sneaker shopping in Paris.

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With 6 stores on the same street (and an up and coming seventh store for young athletes), Shinzo has become the core of sneaker shopping in the city. Each space is dedicated to a certain domain, from running to basketball, to contemporary collaborations or skateboarding. If you’re looking to get yourself a pair of rare kicks, then Shinzo should for sure, be among the first stops you take, in Paris.

Founded in 1999, in Stockholm, SNS for short has taken the sneaker industry by storm. Within 20 years, the Swedish boutique has developed into a giant web entity, as well as a very powerful local player. The perfect destination for sneaker enthusiasts that look for the most coveted pairs.

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Citadium Paris is Printemps‘ very own take on sneaker culture. Opened in 2001 with the help of several key players in the sneaker and streetwear industry, Citadium has managed to stay relevant throughout the years. The sneaker department store is, without a doubt, one of the sneaker shopping hubs of Paris.

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It is hard to pronounce the words “Parisian sneaker pioneers” without directly thinking of Opium. The small store started in 2001, at a time when the sneaker craze was just getting bigger in France and throughout Europe. The store was approved by the likes of Nike CEO Mike Parker or legendary designer Tinker Hatfield, and a few years later, Opium even became the first French store to sign a collaboration with the Swoosh brand. The store has reopened in 2016, following a fire that crippled the business. Still unbeatable!

Larry Deadstock is definitely the youngest store in the list. The space was created by the bearded man whose profile (and red beard) you see on the ground mosaic. The consignment / resell space is a sneakerhead’s wet dream: Supreme, Palace, Off-White, Jordan brand or Yeezy are all available on the spot. Definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for your grail!

Your ultimate guide to sneaker shopping in Paris

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