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Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpel and Chanel: 3 cult jewelleries to invest in

While the fashion industry is increasingly turning towards more sustainable and ethical production, consumers are also moving towards pieces that will last over the years, most of the time purchased second-hand. As an extension of this idea, we will unveil 3 cult jewelleries to invest in. Because remember: Fashion comes and goes, style goes on forever.


The bracelet Love by Cartier

It all began in 1969, the “erotic year” for Gainsbourg and Birkin. In July, we walked on the moon and three weeks later, we sang free love at Woodstock. Meanwhile, in Paris, commitment and loyalty was celebrated. As an extension of this, Cartier presents Love, a jewel in two parts. On one side, the bracelet showcases a screw head motif. And on the other, there’s the screwdriver that allows it to be sealed on the wrist. What better way of saying “my heart is already taken” than this?

The bracelet Alhambra by Van Cleef & Arpels

Lucky charms, gri-gri, fairy godmother’s… the theme of luck has been in the brands collection for several decades now so it’s no surprise that the Alhambra jewellery naturally became part of the history of Van Cleef & Arpels. By its very name, the collection transports us far from the world of superstition. This piece is above all a quadrilobe of Byzantine inspiration, an ornamental motif that hides in some azulejos of the Alhambra Palace. All combined with squares that are resembling the fountains of its gardens.


The CC brooch by Chanel

As French as the baguette, the famous symbol of the French fashion house — the double C — can be worn to dress a blazer or a white shirt but also to hold together a wool sweater. Made with pearls, metal, ceramics and crystals, this brooch became a spokesperson for the BCBG style, and has survived throughout the years without ever losing its splendour.

Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpel and Chanel: 3 cult jewelleries to invest in

Tatjana Kostic

Editor-in-Chief, Paris

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