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Chanel’s new Coco Crush jewellery is our latest obsession

Chanel has released a fresh new addition to its Coco Crush fine jewellery collection, comprising a new range of rings that are slimmer than the first editions from 2015, but no less chic in design.

Inspired by the French luxury brand’s matelassé universe, the pieces feature elegant curves and a signature quilted pattern as a tribute to its founder. Composed of a set of rings and a daring ear cuff, the new collection boasts an interesting edge. Here’s why we’re crushing on it. 

[All images courtesy of Chanel]

The history

Chanel’s quilted pattern has been central to the Coco Crush fine jewellery collection since its beginnings in the 1920s. At the time, founder Gabrielle Chanel first used the equestrian-inspired matelassé motif in her couture collection, as well as privately in her home on Rue Cambon. Since then, the rounded pattern has become a true signature of the house — very much like its iconic tweed fabric

The rings

An accessory fit for a modern icon, the Coco Crush Mini rings feature a quilted detail as a nod to the original matelassé pattern. In the new edition, the rings are smaller, and come in 18k yellow gold, white gold, and beige gold, with select versions adorned with diamonds, too. The design follows a minimalist aesthetic, yet manages to make a statement — stacked, or on its own. The former is particularly appealing with the new pieces, as these boast slimmer bands than ever before. Bold, but not flashy. 

The ear cuff

What is most intriguing about the Coco Crush Mini collection is the addition of the Coco Crush Ear Cuff. Reminiscent of last year’s Quilted Motif Earrings, the ear cuff too has no clasp, but rather sits at the top of the ear. It’s an innovative mechanism developed by the Maison, bringing something approachable to the table even for those with unpierced ears. 

The appeal

An exclusive material to Chanel, beige gold metal can be found in all of the new items in the line. The use of the metal is meant as a tribute to founder Gabrielle Chanel, who once famously said, “I go back to beige because it’s natural.”

In many ways, such is the appeal of the collection. It feels natural and uncomplicated, and yet stylish to sport. Wear the rings on their own for a minimal look, or mix and match them to add your own spin. The options are tempting, and our crush kind of is, too. 


Lisa Gries