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Louis Vuitton’s art director goes casual for her solo jewellery line

The artistic heads of Louis Vuitton are teeming with creativity, it seems. Just last month, Virgil Abloh, the brand’s director for menswear, launched his eponymous line of jewellery debuting a collection inspired by the paper clip.

Now, Francesca Amfitheatrof, the latest jewellery designer for Louis Vuitton, is on track to launch her online-based jewellery brand, Thief and Heist, for March 2019. Formerly the design director for Tiffany and Co, Amfitheatrof was responsible for some iconic modern collections such as the minimalist Tiffany T design and the contemporary-chic HardWear line.

At Thief and Heist, Amfitheatrof is going for something much more experimental and artistic in her approach to crafting and marketing jewellery. The boutique is based online, direct to consumer, and will only offer one item — a bracelet — when it goes live next month.

The Tag bracelet is available in black or clear nylon. (Image: Thief and Heist)

Cheekily called the ‘Tag,’ the bracelet is a deceptively simple construction of silver and nylon, available in black or white. Compared to Amfitheatrof’s showier designs from before, the Tag is much more subdued.

But that is made up for with its inherent purpose of creating and commemorate an emotional connection. The bracelet is designed to be fastened onto the silver clasp by someone else. Once permanently secured to the wrist, the only way to remove the £100 (S$175) piece is by cutting it off. Think nightclub wristbands, but with a way classier approach.  

“I didn’t want to do a big, gold, diamond collection straight away. That felt… a little bit more static,” she shared in an interview with Business of Fashion. “I wanted something that was more alive and fun that everybody can buy and afford, with a lot of movement that speaks to how we live today. It felt like the right piece for the right time.”

Thief and Heist’s Tag ring and bracelet combo. (Image: Thief and Heist)

Future collections for Thief and Heist will build on this current concept which will soon see finer iterations with Amfitheatrof’s unique gold alloy blend. On her Instagram, she has dropped hints of what’s to come: a ring that is essentially a smaller and thinner version of the Tag bracelet.

All these developments aside, Amfitheatrof has not ignored her official duties as Louis Vuitton’s go-to jewellery designer. Her first high jewellery collection under Louis Vuitton is still set to be revealed this July. 


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