Tick tock — on the wrist of every great adventurer of the 20th century was an equally great watch. Take early aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont for example, whose friend Louis Cartier created a watch for the wrist so he could read it while flying. Or Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who conquered Everest alongside Sir Edmund Hillary. What was he wearing? A Rolex Oyster Perpetual, what else. And who can forget Buzz Aldrin? The astronaut who strapped an Omega Speedmaster over his space suit before leaving the Eagle lunar module.

While today’s modern mechanical watch is, in essence, a luxury, back in the days these timepieces were life-preserving equipment. And it’s that escapism of these adventures that attracts collectors to purchase the same watches.


Here are 5 new timepieces that are created for the adventurous spirit, whether you’re already out there, exploring the globe or dreaming of doing it.  The point being that you don’t need to be Jacques Cousteau to enjoy these voyaging time-tellers, you just need to embrace his spirit.