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HYT Watches introduces the H1.0 x Mr Porter limited-edition timepiece

It’s the latest accessory that will be coveted by men all around the world.

Luxury watches are the bread and butter of the watchmaking industry. Independent watchmaker HYT Watches are known for creating high-end timepieces while keeping its quantity at low levels. Its latest piece, the H1.0 x Mr Porter is a collaborative effort between HYT Watches and the leading online menswear retailer.

Having been around since February 2011, Mr Porter has established itself as the go-to luxury online clothing retailer for menswear. Its collaboration with HYT Watches just showcases the seamless cooperation both brands have for each other, which is evident in the H1.0 x Mr Porter.

HYT Watches is well-known for its hydro-mechanical timepieces, which focuses on a fluid-based time display. The seamless integration between fluid technology and traditional mechanics showcases just how well it gels together, creating a piece of art each time.

The H1.0 x Mr Porter is also fairly large at 48mm with a domed sapphire crystal lens. This is where the watch truly shines. The face showcases the intricacies of the label’s NASA-approved piston movement. There is also a coated glass capillary that will seamlessly glide the black liquid dye around each market to tell the time. That’s not all – on the face is also two sub-dials that record minutes, running seconds and the 65-hour power reserve.

HYT Watches Mr Porter
The H1.0 x Mr Porter runs on hydro-mechanical parts, giving it an edge in terms of originality

For just US$58,000 (approx. RM240,000), this timepiece is all yours. It’s available exclusively through Mr Porter with a grand total of five units available.

All images courtesy of HYT Watches.

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