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Montblanc releases six new watches to its Heritage line for 2019

Heritage is a word that many manufacturers use freely today to lend some sort of provenance to their timepieces, but Montblanc has some serious legacy up its sleeve. For one, the company sees a history that dates back to 1906. That’s 113 years of crafting some of the most iconic luxury goods, expanding from writing instruments to exceptional watches and jewellery too.

Established in Hamburg, Germany, Montblanc rose to international prominence as purveyor of exquisite writing culture since the Meisterstück (German for “Masterpiece”) was used for the first time in 1924. The six-point white star — a stylised representation of the snow-covered summit of Europe’s highest mountain that it’s named after, the Mont Blanc, has now become the symbol of its longstanding commitment to craftsmanship. 

This year, the marque translates this legacy to its Heritage line of watches, putting Minerva — a legendary 161-year-old factory that it acquired in 2006 for its watch manufacture — in the limelight throughout its six new timepieces. 

The Montblanc Heritage Pulsograph Limited Edition 100. (Image credit: Montblanc)

At the peak of the Montblanc Heritage collection sits the Pulsograph Limited Edition. With only 100 pieces being made, the watch is a Monopusher chronograph that also celebrates the pulsograph, an instrument that doctors once used to measure their patient’s resting heart rate. 

Several Minnerva design elements find their way onto this timepiece, namely the anthracite numerals, dot indexes and curved Dauphine hour and minute hands on the salmon-hued domed dial. A contrasting blue hand is used here to indicate the chronograph function, and at the back of the sapphire case is the Montblanc Manufacture monopusher chronograph caliber MB M13.21.

The Montblanc Heritage Perpetual Calendar Limited Edition 100 (Image credit: Montblanc)

Then there’s the Montblanc Heritage Perpetual Calendar. The 40mm watch comes crafted in two different case materials; the rose gold version is limited to 100 pieces, while the stainless steel iteration is unlimited. Still, both versions brag a new manufacture movement. The automatic calibre MB29.22 goes beyond time-telling to also indicate the moon phase and leap year via sub-dials.

The Montblanc Heritage Automatic Monopusher Chronograph. (Image credit: Montblanc)

For hardcore Montblanc fans, the Heritage Monopusher Chronograph highlights Minerva’s most acclaimed specialty yet — the chronograph. Here, the practical complication is featured on a domed, silvery-white dial that boasts two finishes similar to the Pulsograph’s above, a luxurious take to the otherwise utilitarian function, and reaffirming the brand’s dedication to the crafting contemporary timepieces without losing the elegance that comes with age.  

Other timepieces making their debut into the collection also include the Heritage Automatic, the Automatic Day-Date, and the Automatic GMT, all of which keep Minnerva’s aesthetics and watchmaking tradition alive, even till today. After all, the firm has not only played a major role in many important technical developments over the years, but also in transforming Montblanc’s watchmaking department into one that’s on par with the industry’s big boys.


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