Paris knows how to celebrate and Parisians have tons of options, for that matter. The great thing about Paris is all of the different culture and trends the nightlife exhibits. There are literally dozens of options — whether you enjoy glittery bottle service or intimate parties in a dark basement. If the nicer neighborhoods have their fair share of craziness, the grittiest parts of Paris are full of hidden, secretive spots that are perfect for a night out.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve picked 5 of the Parisian nightlife institutions you should try, next time you want to go out in the fashion capital.

Classy and over the top like L'Arc

L’Arc is probably the most renowned club in the French capital. The location faces the Arc de Triomphe, hence the simple name. The luxurious venue was able, through the years, to build a solid reputation. Made especially for those who love to splurge, its usuals are jet-setters, popular CEOs and the crème de la crème of French and international showbiz personalities. L’Arc is open Thursdays to Saturdays from midnight to 5 am.

Wild and fancy like Le Brûlé

This one is more of a bar with a dancing than a ”real” club, but the very fact that it is part of the W Hotel Opera makes it a must visit. Le Brûlé (the burned one in English) is to nightclubs what the W is to hotels. Without taking itself too seriously, Le Brûlé offers some of the finest parties in the French capital. The club obviously gets its trait from the New Yorker side that the W radiates in every aspect of its identity. The ideal, central location of the club makes it even easier to move around Paris, to find the party you were looking for all night.

Arty and mysterious like Silencio

Home to the most secretive parties in all of Paris, Silencio is a fundamental. Designed by renowned director David Lynch, the private club was founded in 2011. Its custom furniture, atmosphere and decoration were all designed specifically for the 700 sqm location. The discreet club is located in the very heart of Paris and even has a hidden studio in its basement. That’s, by the way, where legendary duo Justice recorded their debut album, Cross… Spoiler alert: this is also the only club in this list, with a movie room theater inside!

Glamour and underground like Le Rouge

In the heart of Paris’s most eclectic and vivid neighborhood, Le Rouge is one of the places you will not want to miss. The place has opened in 2017 and very shortly, became the go-to spot for models and artists, seeking a good time in the French capital. While most hip hop clubs surround the Champs-Elysées, Le Rouge opted to stay at bay. The owners were thinking the cool cats will come and find the club by themselves. You guessed it, they were right, as Le Rouge has become one of the finest clubs in Paris, especially during fashion week… 

Subtle and elegant like Le Matignon

Located near the Prime Minister’s official Parisian address, Le Matignon is your go-to bespoke night destination in the Golden Triangle. With its soft lighting and sensual sense of modernity, Le Matignon really exemplifies French nightlife chic. There, you can enjoy some of the finest cocktails in the capital, as well as bathe in an elegant deep house music cloud. If L’Arc is too much for you, then Le Matignon might just be the next place you should try.

Tawfik Akachar
Senior Writer, Paris
Tawfik is a pop culture enthusiast that has a soft spot for the study of emerging movements, casual chic fashion, and technical clothing. Although he loves different foods from all parts of the globe, he considers fried chicken to be the best dish, ever.