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Around Gibraltar: 4 gorgeous resorts you should try in Spain and Morocco

There are many good things about being in Paris. One of the most underrated is arguably how it remains consistently connected to cities on the other side of the globe, as well as in the region.

Europe has tons of paradisiac summer destinations and so does North Africa — countries like Morocco and Tunisia historically holding the top spots in tourists affluences for the region. Today, we’re presenting to you the best destinations around Gibraltar. The gateway to the Atlantic, from the Mediterranean Sea and landmark that shares history with Morocco, Spain and Great-Britain.

From Marbella and its amazing sea views, to Tangier and its timeless sense of insouciance, these are the top destinations to try around the British territory.

Located just outside of Estepona, about 12 kilometres from Marbella, the Kempinski 5 star Hotel features everything you need and a bit more. Its ideal location allows the establishment to receive guests all year long. The weather of the region surely helps, while the southern area offers cultural and gastronomic offerings galore! Andalucia has a few hidden secrets you don’t want to miss: World Jamon Festival, the growing Marbella Fashion Week, or even the numerous music festivals in the summer…

Marbella’s popularity throughout the years never really lost of its superb. Offering an amazing view on the Mediterranean Sea, a private pool and luxurious villas, the Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort is everything you ask of an elevated vacation club. Ideal for couples and families, the staff at the hotel goes the extra mile to make sure you’re spending your time there, exactly how you had it in mind: feet up by the pool, enjoying a well-deserved summer tan.

Sunborn Gibraltar is not just any 5-star hotel. It is a gigantic yacht, in Gibraltar, that offers the finest accommodation, on board a luxury boat that features a gorgeous pool, a spa, a restaurant and even a casino! If you fear losing connectivity once onboard, don’t as the Hotel offers free wi-fi directly. An amazing facility to enjoy the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea on.

The residence was built in the early 1900s, and was home periodically, to Glaoui, Pacha of Marrakech and most famously, writer Walter Burton Harris, whose life would later inspire Lucas and Spielberg for Indiana Jones. The luxurious establishment is now one of the most renowned hotels you can find in Tangier. Art-deco at its finest, with a heavy colonial tint, when it comes to the interior. The service à la française is of course at the heart of the establishment and available for all of the ten rooms. With such a savoir-faire available there for you, La Perle du Nord — Tangier’s French aka — becomes yours to discover.

Around Gibraltar: 4 gorgeous resorts you should try in Spain and Morocco

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