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Champagne gets its first five-star hotel as the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa reopens

Champagne, France will finally get its first contemporary five-star hotel that’s set to open later this month. Named the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, it previously closed in 2014 after being acquired by Boston-based Champagne Hospitality collection but is now bigger and better than ever.

It’s a significant opening as Champagne has long been known for its celebratory tipple and might well be a mecca for the well-heeled.

For one, the location speaks volumes for itself. Situated right in the middle of the vineyards that run through the hills of Epernay and the historical villages of Champillon and Hautvillers. Champagne connoisseurs will be well aware of Hautvillers, the medieval abbey grounds where Dom Perignon source their grapes from. Naturally, guests of the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa will have exclusive access to private Champagne houses, harvesting, and tasting sessions with local wine producers. Activities will be curated by the in-house concierge team all year round, so there will always be something for guests to do regardless of the season.

Royal Champagne Hotel
The Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa will be the region’s first contemporary five-star hotel.

The property has been redesigned by local Reims-based architect Giovanni Pace and now takes on the style of a contemporary amphitheatre. However, it still incorporates the original 19th-century Post House which is steeped in history — it was said that King Charles X of France stopped over before heading to Reims for his coronation. The Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa houses 49 rooms and suites, each of them boasting amazing views of the Champagne valley.

But that’s not all. The hotel will also be home to an expansive spa spanning 16,000 sqft, comprising of nine treatment rooms, fitness facilities, a yoga studio, eucalyptus-infused sauna, mani-pedi stations, and a Hammam. The spa will also partner with French beauty brand Biologique Recherche for signature treatments. Once you are done pampering your body, it is time to pamper your taste buds.

Royal Champagne Hotel
Each of the 49 rooms and suites will boast a view of the vineyards.

The Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa will be home to two-Michelin-star chef Jean-Denis Rieubland, where he will be the executive chef leading Le Royal and Bellevue, the two in-house dining options. Le Royal will be the gourmet dining room while Bellevue is the casual, all-day dining restaurant. His cuisine will be influenced by the local surroundings where he will source most of his produce from.

Royal Champagne Hotel
Two Michelin-star chef Jean-Denis Rieubland will be executive chef overlooking the two dining outlets in the hotel.

The opening of the Royal Champagne Hotel will mark a change in the hotel landscape of Champagne, which was previously only dotted by traditional-style hotels. The addition of this modern luxury property may or may not pave the way for more to come considering that it is set in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be sure to keep an eye out for it sometime this month.


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