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“Under”, Europe’s first underwater restaurant, listed in Time’s 2019 “Greatest Places”

Time Magazine announced its annual list of the Greatest Places to visit in the world. Among other top-notch design and architectural destinations like Damien Hirst’s stunning Vegas suite, the American institution named “Under”, Norway and Europe’s first underwater restaurant, as such.

The fine dining location earned the different waves of praise it has received since its opening, last March. Danish chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard serves some of the finest dishes on the continent and the experience there, is as much focused on the dishes, as it is on wildlife immersion.

Scandinavian, nautical wabi-sabi

The brutalist design of the facility makes for a great introduction for “Under”. It embodies the roughness of the rocks it is built on, and the flowing architecture of nautical destinations. The use of light, too, comes as one of the strengths this place displays. The surrealist yet natural lighting gives the place a spiritual feel, to that extent, reminiscent of John McGuire’s Trask House work, only, by the North Sea shores.

“Under” even serves as a Marine research facility. It aims to monitor the evolution of a wide range of different marine species, through a machine learning process designed specifically for the place.

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