From Amélie to Moulin Rouge… or Midnight in Paris — the French capital has always inspired artists, directors, and people in general. The city, with its virtually endless list of glamorous activities and landmarks to admire, offers a new adventure at every street turn. 


Strolls by the Seine, cafés and fresh croissants with a view. Or maybe a glass of wine at golden hour at one of Montorgueils quirky bistros: nothing is ever corny in Paris. We’re after all, in a city that needed to cut off the locks left out by lovers from the whole world on Pont des Arts —  they became so heavy that the bridge couldn’t bear the added weight. Proof, if you needed any, that Paris doesn’t hold back, when it comes to being a romantic — yet extravagant — city.


However, your Parisian experience will greatly depend on where you stay in the city. If you’ve laid down your hat in the first arrondissement, you’ll have a totally different experience than anywhere else, as so many of the attractions and landmarks are within walking range. From the design of the rooms, to the (crucial) degree of glam, or the attention given to your privacy and well-being. As an ode to that, we have shortlisted 5 of the best romantic hotels in Paris for your up-and-coming romantic adventures in Paris.

Hotel Amour

Boutique hotels in Paris play the romantic card so often (and let’s face it, sometimes, so bad) that you can easily get fooled if you don’t know where to put your trust. Thankfully, Hotel Amour has set the bar high enough. Located in what used to be two very popular districts of Paris (9th and 10th), the owners have turned the two places into actual realms of calm, love and fun. Both addresses are famous for their tangled and generously green courtyards and verandas, that bring peace to the lively community. Luxury exists at Hotel Amour, but doesn’t remain in the obvious. The two Parisian places focus on your well-being differently. Rather, you should expect an impeccable sense of style, playfulness and a strong, infectious scent of love in the air…

Le Pigalle

A handful of decades ago, Pigalle was a crime-fueled place that tourists wanted to avoid at all costs. Today, the neighbourhood in the ninth arrondissement, has become a hub for all lovers in town. Now that it is livelier, the area attracts many travelers from all over the globe and some even dub it “the love district”. Le Pigalle, the hotel, perfectly embodies the state of mind of the borough. All of its rooms overflow with the distinct style of the district: a formal sense of majesty that specialists call Nouvelle Athènes. Its neoclassical interior design, mixed with hints of red, exhales a decadent simplicity that really sums up the area. Ideal for hip couples, the place loves to party: its weekly hangouts are a go-to in the neighbourhood, even if you’re not staying at the hotel! Service-wise, staying at Le Pigalle really feels like staying at a friend’s, only with a greater sense of privacy, and a lot more sex-appeal.

Le Narcisse Blanc

Well-being is the core of the Narcisse Blanc’s experience. The exclusive institution offers a modern take on romance and comfort, yet uses its enduring traditions of caretaking to offer sophistication and relaxation. The five star hotel offers four different room experiences, a restaurant, a spa as well as four suites — one of them has a sublime view on the capital’s rooftops. Despite its relatively small size, Le Narcisse Blanc manages to bring all savoir-faire to a high level, leaving it to truly feel tailor-made.

Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour

The Sacré-Coeur stands steps away from the small luxury hotel. It is ideal for the visitors who wish to remain in the bohemian area. And much as the name states, Montmartre Mon Amour is a unique place which remains anchored in the Parisians heights. The inside interior of the four-star stay was designed by Sandrine Alouf and revolves around different ideas of love. Don’t get fooled by the name though, the place also serves as a nice location if you want to visit Paris more broadly, as its location is ideal to discover the very lively districts from the north of the right bank.

OFF Paris Seine

OFF is the very first bar hotel that floats in the French capital — be reassured, it doesn’t sail. The 54 room and four suites establishment has no reason to envy or shy away from any other place in the city. Its ideal location — right on the Seine, indeed, by Gare d’Austerlitz — is a fantastic argument as there aren’t really any more places that are that central and that offer the same range of services. The views are amazing throughout the houseboat and for those sizzly days in summer, a swimming pool is even available on site. The sleek, modern architecture of the hotel makes it one of the hippest places to check out in Paris this summer!

Tawfik Akachar
Senior Writer, Paris
Tawfik is a pop culture enthusiast that has a soft spot for the study of emerging movements, casual chic fashion, and technical clothing. Although he loves different foods from all parts of the globe, he considers fried chicken to be the best dish, ever.