Paradisiac waters, rustic countrysides and a timeless feel: that’s what the Adriatic sea has to offer, almost anytime of the year. The region of Puglia (also known as Apulia), on the coast is the perfect, low-key getaway to avoid tourist crowds and live the good life that locals have been living for the longest.

Here, olive-green waters glisten in the sun as they lap gently onto sandy white beaches, dotted with visitors on beach chairs. Most travelers also come to Puglia for a taste of Primitivo, a full-bodied, fruity wine, that is made right here in the region.

If you find yourself travelling down south of Italy, be sure to check into one of these properties. From waterfront establishments to resorts jazzed with a bit of history, scroll down to find Puglia’s most luxurious resorts at your fingertips.