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To infinity and beyond: 6 unique pools with a view

When it comes to infinity pools, there are two schools. Some prefer seeing a skyline or an amazing landscape, some feel the infinity when they’re closer to the sea water. We obviously think that both are amazing.

In Europe and in the Middle-East, many resorts (some, remote) offer the comfort of a pool with the untamed feel allure of a wilder place. Whether it is in the Swiss Alps, in the United Arab Emirates or by the Thames, these are the very best infinity pools available for you to try!


The untouched Swiss Alps may not sound like the ideal summer location, but think again… It seems like The Cambrian in Adelboden has a few arguments to win you over. The Helvetian scenery offers many perks: relaxation, pristine fresh air and a really nice break from all of the business major cities across the globe usually come with.

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With its birds-eye view of the Amalfi Coast, the Belmond Hotel in Caruso is your own private calmness temple in Italy. The XIth century royal-palace-turned-hotel is among the very best luxury places on the planet. Atop the mountains, bathing in a blue sky (and an amazing pool), the Belmond Hotel is the closest you’ll get to heaven on Earth, literally.

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The beautiful city of Santorini has been, for decades, one of the most beautiful (and sought after) destinations on the Mediterranean . The island attracts millions of tourists each year, with its bright white and blue ancient buildings (and one of the cleanest horizons you can witness on the face of the Earth). The Grace Hotel in Santorini, simply put, is breathtaking…

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The rose that grew in the desert has more than a few arguments to win your heart over. The futuristic hub in the UAE surely is also a temple of grandioseness. One of the most impressive accomplishment to date? This crazy, suspended infinity pool at Dubai’s InterContinental Hotel in Festival City.

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Sure, London may not be the most summery destination in Europe. But the Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard always has a few plans for you to enjoy summer no matter what. Exhibit A, with its Skypool, on floor 52.

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The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of those resorts that instantly feel cinematic. Like it came out of a Wes Anderson film, the incredible landmark offers the natural class of Lake Como mixed with the elevated Italian savoir-faire that the establishment is known for, worldwide.

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