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Weekly love horoscope: A tarot reading of November 20 – November 26, 2023

Each week or rather each day brings new hopes and beginnings. Married people look forward to harmony and security, people in love want to blossom and grow their relationship, and singles are hopeful of finding their dream partners. Everyone seeks love and understanding from their families and their mates. Numerous energies are at play in the universe, which keeps changing with the motion of the planets. Know your relationship horoscope for 20 November – 26 November. Understand your partner better with the help of our love and relationship horoscope this week.

Love quote for the week – “When you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of the life to start as soon as possible.” Take the guidance of the Tarot cards to make reasonable and sensible choices in your love life this week. Know this week’s love and relationship horoscope predictions for all zodiac signs.

November love horoscope 2023 weekly prediction

Aries love horoscope

Weekly horoscope

Couples: Aries sun sign natives will have a harmonious relationship with their partners. You will be spending more time together and strengthening the bonds of love and understanding. A romantic holiday is foretold with an exciting time in between the sheets. Family will be supportive and your relationship with all the members will be altruistic and satisfactory.

Singles: Singles will meet some interesting people and fall for a special someone. Your romance is set to bloom and will give you great pleasure. Natives in love will be totally enamoured with their mates and will be in a hurry to tie the knot. This is a good week to propose.

Taurus love horoscope

Weekly horoscope

Couples: Taurus sun sign natives will enjoy stability and maturity in their relationship. You are likely to share a good intimate relationship and your mate will love the attention. You will enjoy peace and harmony in all your relationships. Family members will bond well.

Singles: Singles might be attracted to an older person and might be trying to fight their emotions. Age is just a number. Focus on your bonhomie and connections. Natives in love will be satisfied and emotionally fulfilled. It is a good time to propose. The proposal will be accepted and culminate into marriage soon.

Gemini love horoscope

Gemini zodiac sign

Couples: Gemini sun sign natives will be making efforts towards an amicable relationship. You might have had few issues with your mate but with right efforts, you will achieve affability. You value the relationship and will do your best to move ahead positively. Family will be supportive and appreciative of your efforts.

Singles: Singles might be recovering from a breakup and will not be certain about the next relationship. The advice is to heal completely before you take the next steps. Natives in love might be in two minds. Take your time introspect and decide.

Cancer love horoscope

cancer zodiac sign

Couples: Cancer sun sign natives will have to make a lot of effort towards their relationship if they want amicability. The efforts will yield good results and you will improve your camaraderie with your mate. Intimacy is the key to having a healthy and overall happy relationship. Family will be supportive and you are likely to spend some joyous time together.

Singles: Single natives might meet someone at work and the relationship might blossom. Do not rush into things. Let the bonds develop. Couples in love should test the waters well.

Leo love horoscope

Leo zodiac sign

Couples: Leo sun sign natives need to take out some time and tackle the pending unresolved issues with your mate. Lack of proper communication can often cause a breakdown in relationship and unattended issues can snowball into bigger problems. Brushing issues under the carpet is never a solution. Family life will be average.

Singles: Singles will be confused regarding the choice of the partner according to this week’s love and relationship horoscope. The advice is to be sure what you want in your mate and keep your expectations realistic. Natives in love will be having some doubts regarding their relationship. Haste is waste. It is advised to take your time and be sure before making any commitments.

Virgo love horoscope

Virgo zodiac sign

Couples: Natives of Virgo sun sign might be having some differences with their partners according to the relationship horoscope. You might be growing apart, but you will be compatible in bed. Work towards achieving harmony. Lack of communication with family might cause some misunderstandings.

Singles: Singles might feeling lonely without that ‘someone special’ beside them. You need to introspect, if your relationships do not progress well you need to change your attitude. Honest efforts always yield good results. Natives in love might be face some difference of opinions.

Libra love horoscope


Couples: Libra sun sign natives will have a satisfying and fulfilling relationship with their mate as per this week’s horoscope predictions. You will share a good bonding with your mate and a satisfying sex life. Family members will be caring, and you will enjoy some fun times with them. There will be a good balance in all the relationships and you will get closer to all the members.

Singles: According to this week’s relationship horoscope, singles will be totally healed from the past breakups and will be ready to fall in love again. Natives in love will be at peace and committed. Be ready to tie the knot. It is a good time for marriage.

Scorpio love horoscope

Scorpio love sex and relationship horoscope

Couples: Scorpio sun sign natives will have a strong bonding and a stable relationship with their mate. A satisfying and exciting mental and physical relationship with your mate is on the cards this week. You are likely to have some celebrations in the family which will be exciting and get everyone closer.

Singles: As per this week’s love and relationship horoscope, singles will have a ball socialising and mingling with like-minded people, but the cupid is not likely to strike you anytime soon. So, enjoy your single status for the time being. Natives in love will be committed to their partners but will not be ready to tie the knot just yet.

Sagittarius love horoscope

Sagittarius relationship horoscope

Couples: Sagittarius natives might be in a dull and boring relationship. It might not be a bad relationship but just boredom. The remedy is to make your life exciting by doing fun things together, a holiday or a hobby class together. Work towards improving your intimacy and add romance in your day-to-day life. Family might want more care and love from you. Good relationships are a result of genuine efforts.

Singles: Singles will be happy being single at the moment and will be more interested in fun and frolic. Enjoy your singlehood but be mindful of not hurting anyone. Natives in love might be uncertain and hesitant to commit. Take your time and be sure.

Capricorn love horoscope

Capricorn love and sex horoscope

Couples: Natives of Capricorn sun sign need to pay attention to their partners as per this week’s relationship horoscope. Prioritise your time and give due attention to your mate and family. Work towards a better sex life and exhibit more warmth and love towards your partner. Family will feel neglected and will want more time from you. You need to strike a work-life balance. You need to work towards strengthening the familial bonds.

Singles: Singles might be in love with a special someone and that someone might not be reciprocating the feeling according to this week’s love and relationship horoscope. The advice is not to give up before trying your best. Remember relationship is a two-way street and if despite your best-efforts things do not work out, then move ahead positively. Natives in love might feel their feelings are not being reciprocated proportionately.

Aquarius love horoscope

Aquarius love and sex horoscope

Couples: Aquarius natives will enjoy a stable relationship with their mates. Peace and domestic harmony will prevail at home. The only thing you need to work on is increasing your libido and improving your sex life. You will enjoy a good familial bond. This is a good card for pregnancy and fertility.

Singles: Singles might feel lonely and want a special someone in their lives. Things happen when they are supposed to happen. Relax and make the best of your singlehood. The possibility of an arranged marriage cannot be ruled out for singles. Natives in love will be all set and excited to tie the knot. It is a good time for permanency in relationships.

Pisces love horoscope

Pisces love and sex horoscope

Couples: Pisces natives will have stability in their relationship. Loosen up a bit. Let your guard down sometime and display your emotions to the fullest. Try to do things differently. Family will be satisfied with your commitment towards them but some fun and frolic with the members will be appreciated.

Singles: Singles will want some stability in their lives in terms of relationships and would be looking to find the significant other will full fervour. The advice is to take it easy. Things happen when they are destined to happen. In the meantime, enjoy your single status, socialise, and indulge in some creative activities. Natives in love will be all ready to say I do and the time is perfect.

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Weekly love horoscope: A tarot reading of November 20 – November 26, 2023

Deepa is a practising tarot card reader and an astrologer. A science graduate, and Jyotish post Visharad from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), she taught tarot and astrology at her alma mater for six years, and now teaches students online in India and globally. She enjoys playing golf and travelling.

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