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Accessing the Akashic records: A powerful and revelatory healing experience

I first learned about the Akashic Records around winter 2006, when I crossed paths with a powerful shaman based in Canada, who sensed a special spark within me and felt I was ready to learn all she had to teach. The experiences I had were profound and otherworldly to say the least. Yet, there was a sceptical side of me that wondered how much of it was ‘true’ and how much of it was ‘my overactive imagination.’ However, three years later, I met another shaman, a lovely Austrian woman who specialised in old Germanic/Scandinavian pagan and shamanistic practices. From two very different schools of shamanism, with incredibly different methodologies and belief systems – my core experiences were eerily similar. So much so, that many details of the visions remained unchanged, and a lot of the ‘truths’ that came out were almost the same. That’s when I let go of all disbelief and trusted the process wholeheartedly.

This article comes with over a decade and a half’s experience of exploring the akashic records by myself, as well as, guiding others through their karmic journeys.

What are the Akashic Records?

It’s a celestial ethereal library that contains all our lifetimes – past, present, and even the future. These not just contain our lifetimes as human beings, but also as other life forms as well – including those that have been lived in different planets in different galaxies, as well as, our very own earth in a parallel universe. Some suggest that we’re living multiple existences simultaneously through different ‘earths’ in the multiverse. Those multiple existences are also stored within the akashic records. It also contains the karmic cycles of countries, continents, land-masses, and even religions, races, and belief systems.

Why should one try to access it?

Well, at the end of the day, knowledge is power. The more we learn about ourselves, the more self-aware we become. Almost all spiritual beliefs claim that the soul chooses the birth, as well as, it chooses its parents, and all the traumas it has to undertake in order to heal and evolve – but never can they answer why? The ‘Why’ in all the above situations is answered through exploring the Akashic Records. Once we understand the ‘why,’ we’re no longer plagued with doubt, we attain a crystal-clear clarity about our lives and our soul’s journey.

My Own Example

I still struggle with a major eating disorder. For years, I would gaslight myself into believing I was weak-willed and that I was self-sabotaging myself because I lacked control, and lord knows what all debilitating beliefs that I later learned were instilled into me by others.

However, when I was brave enough to explore the Akashic records, I was shocked to discover how many lifetimes I had were I starved to death. From being a slave on a plantation, to an outcast of a nomadic tribe, to even a woman accused of witchcraft (no wonder I do the things I do in this life) back in fifteenth century France. The above lifetimes were ones that had major unfinished karma, causing my soul to reincarnate into my present one in order to heal them.

How did this knowledge help me though? Well, I stopped blaming myself. Empathy and letting go of the ‘blame game’ took a major load off my chest.

How to access the Akashic Records?

Well, this is tricky. Obviously, nothing beats working with a qualified healer with enough experience but not all of us have the luxury of doing so. A simple google search may provide different sorts of meditative practices. However, I can only share the method that works for me, and that has always worked like a charm when I have led clients through this journey.

Before you begin:

  • Keep a journal and a pen handy. You will want to write down all the experiences you’ve had in detail so that you can process everything.
  • Make sure you’re doing this somewhere quiet where you cannot be disturbed. Privacy is key!
  • Be clear about your purpose. All magical work needs a strong intention.
  • Light a candle (preferably white) and burn some incense (preferably sandalwood, patchouli, or frankincense). The candle strengthens the intention of our spiritual work, while the incense rids the space of all negative energy, keeping us in a protective space.
  • Say a prayer to whichever deity you believe in most. If you’re atheist or agnostic, you can pray to ‘The Universe’ and it works completely. Ask your deity to protect you with a shield of their love and light. When doing so, visualise yourself being covered in a sphere of divine light through which only love and forces of light can enter. Affirm this, and you’ll be shielded from all negative forces along the journey.

PART ONE – Connecting with the Tree of Life

  • Once you’ve covered yourself in your protective sphere, thank you deity and begin a few rounds of deep breathing to ground and centre yourself.
  • Visualise that from your root chakra (a red glowing orb at the base of your spine) roots of a tree are growing and are penetrating through the floor. With each breath, they’re growing thicker and stronger – going deeper into the earth, all the way till you reach the core of the earth.
  • Right at the centre of the core, there shall be a powerful radiating jewel. Attach your roots to the jewel and visualise powerful golden-red energy flowing up the roots all the way to your root chakra. Feel this golden-red energy fill up your entire body. Notice all sensations as your body is soaking in this powerful and protective earthy-red light.
  • Then, visualise a beam of white light descending from the heavens above and entering your body through your crown chakra. With each breath, this white light is merging with the golden-red light of the earth – forming a harmonious union at your heart chakra.
  • Slowly, visualise a tree growing around you. See how its branches grow, how they spread and extend. Marvel at the way the leaves sprout, and eventually so do flowers and fruit. This is your Tree of Life – the starting point of all your meditative journeys. Connect with it. Speak with it. Ask it all that you wish to know. When ready, let’s proceed further.

PART TWO: Meeting our Animal Guide

  • When ready, you’ll notice an animal approach you. Notice it’s colour, its size, it’s demeanour. Notice if it has anything unique about it. When it’s a few feet away from you it shall stop in it’s tracks and stare you deep in the eye.
  • Ask its name. Ask it if it gives you permission to approach it. If it reveals its name and allows you access – then walk over and give it a loving embrace (with respect). If it doesn’t give you access, then you aren’t ready to proceed further and should try this again another time.
  • After you connect with it, ask if it’ll take you to the akashic records. If it says no, that means you need to try another day. If it says yes, then before you two, a rainbow bridge shall appear – connecting you to the Akashic realm. Follow your Animal Guide along this rainbow bridge.

PART THREE: Entering the Temple of the Akashic Records

  • Once you and your animal guide have climbed the rainbow bridge, you’ll find yourselves high above the clouds and before you, there shall be a large stone building made of grey stone with a giant grand staircase.
  • As you both begin to climb the staircase, you are stopped by the Guardian of the Akashic Records. The Guardian never reveals his true identity, but you will notice he is covered in a hooded robe in either indigo, purple, or violet. If it’s another colour, you have deviated and must return at once and try again another time.
  • Ask politely and respectfully whether you can access the Akashic Records for the intention you set earlier. If they agree, they will guide you inside. If they disagree, then this is either not the right time, or your intention isn’t pure.
  • Once they guide you in, you walk past rows of bookshelf’s filled with etheric scrolls, containing the past lives. Soon, the Guardian shall reveal to you an open scroll, that is a scroll of your akashic records. Walk over to read it.
  • In my personal experience, the scroll usually morphs into a giant screen and you watch all the lifetimes flash before you. Some have reported that it’s written in a language they can read. Some say they see nothing, but are hearing a divine voice tell them all the information they need to hear regarding the intent. If neither happens, it means you aren’t ready to receive the information, or that your intention isn’t pure.
  • Once you’ve accessed the information in the scroll, the Guardian of the Akashic records, as well as, your animal guide will share pearls of spiritual advise to help you with your healing journey. Thank them.

PART FOUR: Coming back

  • Once you’ve thanked the Guardian of the Akashic Records and your Animal Guide, ask the latter to take you back to the tree of life. It’ll guide you outside the temple, down the rainbow bridge, and to the tree.
  • Once you reach the tree, thank your Animal Guide and bid them adieu. As they disappear, sit back into your tree and visualise the roots detach from the bejewelled centre of the earth. Feel your body free off the golden-red light of the earth and white light of the heavens. Breathe deeply till you feel you’ve successfully ‘returned to your body.’
  • Thank your deity and slowly open your eyes. When you’ve recovered, grab your journal and note everything you’ve witnessed with utmost details.

A note for the wise. As empowering as it can be to discover information about ourselves that are revealed by the Akashic Records – sometimes, it can have adverse effects and trigger us deeply – causing us to have major traumatic responses. Remember, the spirit world isn’t for the faint of heart. If you must explore it, I strongly recommend working with an experienced practioner. If you still wish to do it on your own, be prepared for all that happens and take responsibility for your actions.

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Shutterstock

Accessing the Akashic records: A powerful and revelatory healing experience

Zorian Cross

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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