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Lucky birthstones for October born according to Chinese zodiac

Your lucky birthstone literally acts as your lifeline, attracting well-being, fortune and happiness your way. The significance of these talismans dates back centuries, when people carved these into ornaments or used them as accents in their homes to ward off evil spirits and heal their mental and physical distresses. Birthstones have a special place in Chinese astrology too and each month comes with its own good luck charm to nourish your mind, body and soul. As we welcome the month of October, let’s look at the lucky birthstone associated with this month.

All October-born folks have two lucky birthstones at their disposal – clear quartz and diamond. Those born on or before October 5 can trust clear quartz to be their guiding light. Meanwhile, those whose birthdays fall on or after October 6 should rely on diamonds to bring them love, luck and prosperity.  Here’s everything you need to know about the October birthstones!

October birthstone: History and significance

Clear quartz

october birthstone
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One of the most popular and widely available crystals around the globe, clear quartz holds a special place across different cultures. While ancient Egyptians used it to carve amulets, native American Indians and African tribes used it for mediation purposes and warding off negative energies.

Its glacial-like appearance and cool aura bring you back to a sense of balance, spark memory and hone concentration. And as a clear stone, it can be a beautiful addition to your house decor. Clear quartz is found in far-flung corners of the Earth, from Brazil to Arkansas as well as the shores of Madagascar. You’ll find it in jewellery making due to its unique properties.


october birthstone
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The name of the stone is derived from the Greek word ‘adamas’, meaning unbreakable or unalterable. Because in the early days,  the only other thing believed to be unbreakable was love, diamonds came to be known as the ‘gifts of love’. Interestingly, even Romans believed Cupid’s arrows were tipped in diamonds as they were integral to falling in love. From being worn as adornments and used as cutting tools to even serving as a talisman for protection on the battlefield – diamonds have served many purposes since time immemorial.

Diamond mining takes place in more than 25 countries today. There has been a massive increase in production, thanks to countries like India, South Africa, Botswana and more that dominate the diamond production industry. Even today, diamonds are an enduring symbol of love, used to mark life’s important milestones, successes as well as unions.

Benefits of October birthstone

Clear quartz

Master healer: The crystal is known to amplify the wearer’s energy and thoughts, helping neutralise any negative spirit in their surroundings. By clearing your energies, the stone enhances your focus and concentration power.

Meditative stone: Meditating with the stone or sleeping with it beneath your pillow helps you balance your emotions, get rid of anxiety as well as keep your mind cool.

Used in Feng Shui: The stones are used to transmute light, therefore cleansing and purifying the energy of any area it is kept in. Use them in any space that needs clearing.

Attracting abundance: Wearing clear Quartz jewellery or carrying it in your pocket is believed to amplify your intentions for garnering wealth, and you’re in a better position to attract all the fortunes you want.


Fetch financial success: Since Venus is the ruling planet of diamonds, you can expect fame and fortune to come your way by keeping this stone in close contact. Whether it’s bringing more profit and revenue in a business or fostering your growth in a corporate job, trust diamonds to help you out.

Enhances creativity: People in the fields of art, entertainment or anything else that requires creative juices to flow, must wear diamonds. It helps remove all mental blocks as well as fills your head with inspiration!

Strengthens relationships: Since Venus is also the planet of love, sex, and romance, diamonds are the best pick to keep your relationship woes at bay! If you’re going through any marital discord or even planning to take a leap in your relationship and propose to your partner, this stone will work wonders.

Boosts confidence: Diamonds are great confidence boosters! Wearing the stone helps radiate strength and prosperity, assisting you to not get bogged down by life’s challenges.

Types of October birthstone

Clear quartz

While the colourless, transparent clear quartz is the most popular gemstone variety, let’s take a look at other types of commonly found quartz:

  • Rose quartz: Boasting pale pink to rosy red hues, this stone has soothing properties. It helps dispel anger and mood swings.
  • Citrine: The light yellow/ golden brown quartz brings success and confidence to its wearer.
  • Tiger’s eye: The stone comes in stunning shades of gold, red-brown, and blue. It promotes feelings of safety and steadiness. Additionally, it makes the wearer feel grounded.
  • Smoky quartz: This quartz variety flaunts shades of grey. It’s famously known as the ‘Stone of Power’.
  • Ametrine: A combination of amethyst and citrine shades, ametrine brings together the benefits of both these stones. If you need some soul-soothing, this stone is for you!
  • Amethyst: The stunning purple stone is for anyone who desires prosperity, fame, honour, and good luck.


In the consumer’s eye, there are four main types of diamond. Take a look:

  • Natural diamonds: These are your regular white colourless diamonds made from carbon. Natural diamonds are the hardest natural-known substance on earth.

  • Lab-grown diamonds: These are man-made diamonds whose prices way cheaper than their natural counterparts. It’s still a real diamond and not ‘fake’, but largely varies from a natural one.
  • Treated diamonds: This type is enhanced /manipulated to get a better-looking diamond. Treatments are usually done to diamonds that can’t be sold otherwise. The prices of these are also way lower than the non-treated ones.
  • Natural fancy colour diamonds: The most stunning type of diamonds, these coloured stones occur very rarely! While they come in many colours, the most sought-after ones are the pink and canary yellow versions.

Hong Kong has a pool of e-commerce platforms for all your gemstone needs. OmsaAll About You, and Moon Conversations are some of the best websites to grab your pick.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the lucky birthstone for October?

Clear Quartz, as well as diamond, are the lucky birthstones for October.

Lucky birthstones for October born according to Chinese zodiac

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